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My two cents...
        Pilot suggestions~

        The Bill O'Reily & David Letterman Show

        "David you're a liberal pistol whipped Obama suck up!"
        Bill remarks.

        "Oh shut up! You goon!" David's counter point.

        Hours of funny quips and light hearted insights on political topics.


        Lovable old boss with young cute girls leads a team of cheerleaders
        to the championships.

        Everybody loves the old coach except the SUV cops.

        Drama and humor leap to hijinks!

        Mary Tyler Moore Reunion Show!

        Most of the cast is dead, but we revisit the show with flashbacks
        as Mary slips in and out of alzheimers.

        Fun Campy!

        Reality Show~

                Roaming protesters attack innocent
                Fox News reporters.

                Viewers get to know the personalities of mobbing members.
                Lots of humorous punking and random nudity.

                Working title~ The Jersey Teamster Smack Down.

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