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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1912028
Couples lunch break excitement

Grabbing her hand and laughing Marc  pulled her along to behind the wall. Her heels tapping on the pavement as she tried to stop the skirt riding up any higher as they moved swiftly. It was there lunch break and they knew there wasn't much time. All morning Caz had been teasing him with little comments. How fit he looked in his overalls, how his mind was as dirty as his hands. A few times she knew she'd come close to the mark but it had been fun. Now with a quick half hour break they were off round to the quiet lane at the back of the garage. Both knowing the intention and both eager to get their hands on each other.
Pausing to pull her ever riding skirt back down, Marc could wait no longer. Pushing her against the wall his mouth found hers. Tongue delving in deeper and deeper. Tasting, devouring, owning her. His hand sliding up under her blouse. Unclasping her bra. Soft milky white flesh exploding from the delicate fabric. Nipples hard as his rough hands grappled and teased the fullness if each breast. Fingers tweaking the pert nipple. Caz's hands to were roaming.  Lowering the zipper of his overalls, hands sliding in feeling the heat radiating from his body. Moving lower across his flat muscular abdomen down to the enormous bulge now  protruding from his trousers.  Before she had time to think, Marc dropped to his knees. Pushing her skirt up all the way. His mouth brushed against the white lace fabric of her panties. His tongue, hot as fire, lapped at her pussy through the thin fabric, Caz's whole body convulsing as she held his head forcing him to delve his tongue deeper. To drive her to orgasm. Desperate to hold back a scream of pleasure heightened the moment as thick creamy juices oozed from her at point if climax. Soaking the lace of the panties and covering Marc's face. He tasted every drop.  Raising back to his feet he again took her mouth to his. Tasting herself upon him, the sweetness of her juices on his tongue they battled and dominated their tongues. Tasting and exploring again.
Hooking his thumbs into  her cum soaked panties he slowly lowered them down urging her out of them. Releasing her mouth, Marc scooped down and retrieved the item. Placing them under his nose and inhaling deeply. They smelt so strongly of her, wet with her juices and scented with her cum.
"Mine now. So I can smell and taste you whenever I want"
Surprise filled Caz's face but before she could say a word he'd raised her up the wall. Released his hard fat cock from where it had been confined for far to long and was lowering her soaked pussy down onto it's length. Caz wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as Marc supported with his muscular arms. Filling her fully. Her pussy tightly clenched around his length he found a rhythm. Thrusting harder and faster, penetrating deeper with each movement. Her nails digging into his shoulders as she gripped hold of him and the convulsing within her pussy told him she was close again. Ramming her harder against the brick wall he could feel his own orgasm rising. Cock hardening, balls so full and heavy. He could hold back no longer. A deep roar of pleasure escaped from him as bolt after bolt of spurting hot cum shot from him and deep inside of her. Feeling the cum her pussy locked down hard. Squeezing him harder as he convulsed in pleasure.
Panting and breathless Marc lowered Caz's legs back onto the ground. They were weak and wobbly. Holding her tight to steady her again his mouth met hers. A deep passionate kiss, gentle and sweet now that the animalistic need within them had been sated. Feeling her cum soaked pussy. Drenched in both their juices and soaking her upper thighs she reached down into his pocket to retrieve her panties, Marc's hand grasped her wrist.
"Mine now, I told you. You will have to go the rest of the day without. Just watch I'm not behind you when you bend over" he chuckled.
"No buts, they're mine. So I can keep a piece of you with me at all times, you will always be with me this way. Think it's time we made ourselves presentable and got back to work.  Do you want us to go back in separately, or can you handle the banter we will get if we go in together?"
"With you at my side, I reckon I can handle it. And I'm sure I can give as good as I get"
"Hmmmmm, I'm sure you can. Might have to put you to the test though"
Laughing out loud Caz retorted
"Anytime baby, Anytime"
Smoothing down her her skirt and straightening her blouse as Marc tidied himself and zipped up his overalls he never took his eyes of her.
"Your amazing, you know that. I mean that"
"I know you do Marc, I think your amazing to. Now come on. Lets move before they launch a search party"
Grabbing his hand and dragging him back to reality. Her on reception and him one if the grease monkey mechanics.  Difference was, he was her grease monkey.
Nearing the garage, she released his hand. Flashed him a big smile and made her way towards the office.
"Caz" he called
Turning swiftly at the sound of her name she saw him reach into his pocket, pull out her panties and sniff them.
"See you after work, you be careful now,  Laters"
With that he turned and headed into the garage. Returning her panties to her pocket.
The jeers and chants as he headed into the garage could be heard across the yard. They all knew where they had been and what they had been up to. She didn't care at that moment. Head held high she walked into the the office. Picked up a ringing phone and smiled. Back to reality.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1912028