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A poem about finding God
A prism of light shined in just the right way,
Exposing parts of my soul that were hidden until today.
I closed my eyes, blinded by the light,
Fearful of what was now exposed to my sight.
The things I denied, I knew but refused to see,
The person hidden underneath, the one I said I couldn’t be.
The challenges I refused to take as I sat and trembled in fear,
The words I can’t take back and the cowardly, pitiful tears.
The people that I hurt and made excuses with such ease,
The assault of life as I’ve lived it flies by me like a breeze.
The light shines brighter and brighter on what I can no longer deny,
My life has been a mess, and I can’t even ask why.
The light has irreversibly changed me, showing me I’m deeply flawed.
How could I not be when I’ve lived my life without God?
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