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Are we really fulfilling the role that God intended?
In the beginning, there was no light.
God planned to create a future so bright.
Before time raced on, God wept for none.
Miraculously, he was soon done.

The hills, they were green and oh so lush.
The trees grew tall and rivers did rush.
The valleys were fine, the mountains strong.
The oceans were clean, the seasons long.

Protect this, he charged one special pair.
Please keep it all safe, keep it all fair.
Safeguard this heaven that I make here.
I leave it to you, to ever revere.

Generations down, we’ve left this route.
We claim to be good and so devout,
We can't help but ruin this precious land.
We pollute the skies, poison the sand.

The hills, they are sick and soon to die.
The trees we cut down, and rivers dry.
The valleys are filled, the mountains beat.
The oceans are oiled, seasons offbeat.

Do you think he cries, watching it all?
This abrupt ruin and sudden downfall.
The end of beauty, of life and joy,
We love to adore and to destroy.
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