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Another small snippet
The silence is discomforting at times. Outside noise reminds me that there is life going on around me. The car with the rusty muffler, the chickadees at the feeder, the neighbor’s dog barking at the noisy car. They all tell their own tale laced within another life. But the silence is deafening in its state of nothing. I try to let my thoughts wander and be free yet they come back to the silence that surrounds me. This silence that waits to be impregnated with sound, it has no color or smell. It waits for a footstep, a creaking of the floorboard, something to break its spell. Now I realize the power I carry, the power to break the silence. Just one spoken word or a snap of a finger, the power awaits in me. I feel privileged to have such power, to create such change, but do I want to?
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