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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Death · #1912656
the fourth power ~ commonwealth.
        Kitchca Wishashan was an ancient assassin .+
    The illuminating art of concealment teaches that a true assassin is
    a ghost. They make no personal contacts with their intended.
    But, they know them intimately.

        Communication~ coded and not frequent with client.

        Coordination~ Respect the public forums, for instance the intended's.

        Cooperation~not only between the client, but the friends and collegues
                          of the intended and eventually the intended.

    Kitchca pounced on her field mouse and shook its tiny neck until it snapped.
    She had taken to the tiny kitten that was her vessel. Her Ninja clan had master
    spiritual shape shifting. Kitchca remained in her apartment in meditation as her
    spirit bonded with this small black kitten. The kitten was her intended's pet.

          The kitten played in the arms of the girl Kitchca had been hired to kill.
      "Oh! Sage. How could you? I just fed you." the girl was displeased with her
      kitten's kill. Kitcha dropped the mouse from her mouth into the girl's lap and
      purred, pushing her head against the girl's hand. Now, she knew the house
      and property and routine of her intended.

          "Sophia. Come here." the girl's father commanded~ Mafuni Maji,
      master of the Tiger Ninja clan. His enemies wished to break his spirit
      and then attack him. Mafuni's chi was very strong.. He took the kitten from
      from his daughter and snapped its neck. Kitchca awoke from her trance
      with a soar neck. Truly, this would be a difficult task.

          She had been discovered. This would require a new approach.
      But, first she informed her clients. They were very displeased.
      Kitchca's life was threatened. What was needed was a more personal contact.
      Kitchca had placed bombs about the girl's public movements.
      The house and car were impossible to compromise. The girl would stop
      for pedestrians and walk in the temple of flower lillies.
      But, Mafuni would not let her leave his house. Most troubling.

          Kitchca had no choice, but to attempt a spiritual combat upon the
      girl and attempt to dominate her. Much like the kitten, Kitchca would take
      possession of the girl and stop her heart. The mind is energy and energy
      can be transferred like radio waves. There are no barriers that can stop
      a ghost. Kitchca focused her chi on the girl's beating heart. She timed
      her heart to hers. Thankfully, the girl was sleeping. It should not have been
      difficult. But, it was.

          Kitchca grabbed her chest. Her heart stopped and she fell forward dead.
      Impossible as this was, Kitchca had become an actual ghost. She was not
      lost. Her clan was trained in the astral plain. Kitchca searched the thread that
      connected to all consciousness and found herself gasping for life.
      She rose from her death and took up her sword. The intended must fall.
      A Ninja can never except defeat. Kitchca cut down the guards at the gate
      and entered the house of Mafuni Maji. Her father laughed at the sight of
      Kitchca in brute combat. He took up his sword. The girl placed her hand
      on his sword,  "This is not the way."

            Kitchca lunged at the girl . The sword passed through the girl.
      Kitchca slashed at the girl, but the blade could not cut her.
      Mafuni's laughter roared, "My daughter died at birth. I have taught her the
      way of the ghost. She is not of the flesh." Mafuni took Kitchca's head with
      one sweeping blow. The Ninja was completely off her guard.
      Sophie picked up her kitten, who was only a dream. The kitten purred.

      Reflection: The fourth power is commonwealth for we are all bound by
                        our ghost.



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