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An Acrostic Poem about suffering and overcoming pain.
I will not lay in tatters

While you laugh at me!

I will stand tall and proud,

Like the Statue of Liberty.

Loving life to the extreme, and

Staring down my demons.

Usurping my authority while

Regaining my sense of pride.

Voicing my feelings and knowing they matter

Instead of holding them in for fear of what others may think.

Victory is mine. I will not give in to this insanity.

Either I will win or I will lose, but at least I can say I tried.

There may be people who try to hold me down,

Hell, they can try, but they’ll find that I can’t be bound.

I am not the girl I used to be,

Stupid has never been my middle name!

Perhaps if they’d taken the time to know me,

All the hurt they caused with their

Ignorance and Judgments could have been

Nullified…their opinion meaningless-As it should be

Came in third place in January's
Newbies ONLY Short Story & Poem Contest  (13+)
OPEN for September submissions.
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