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by Maisie
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Everyone is a book is a piece i wrote to a guide in a self assessment
"Everyone is a book". Some are comics, easy to understand without having to dig too deep; others are J.K Rowling - interesting, funny and entertaining but can still be read by majority of people. Me? I'm more like Shakespeare in Japanese shoved in a washing machine. Hard to understand in its native language and even harder in another but then mixed with other things that mix it all up.Which are you?

If we are books then we have a cover, a contents, story or body, and a blurb. Let me illustrate.

A cover says alot about the storyline through colours and its whole layout. If you were to view your front cover what would you see? Would it have bright, inviting colours or would it have dark stiff text? Would the layout be scary or would it cheerful? What about the picture on the front? What would that say about you as a person? Would you be happy with what you see?

Your contents page. Contents describe in a few words the main points of the chapter. In our books they talk of our characteristics and events in our life.If someone read your contents page what would they see? Would they want to be around or would they leave? If we make a mistake in our lives it will be written in our books for us to learn from and do differently. When we repeat a mistake its repeated in our contents page. Would you be happy to see a repetition in there?

The story. The story is the elaboration on your characteristics and events. Everything in our story changes our cover. Obviously events cannot be helped; so our books are our lives. Many things effect us, such as homelife, upbringing, environment, work and family.

If you were to describe you and  your life in a few sentences how would you describe it?,where would you start?

Our books are our lives and everyone suffers in some way or another. That we can't control,but we can change and improve our lives. Be your own Editor and improve where you can.This isn't for me tell where you're going wrong but its just to help people view themselves in a different way and look deeper into things they probably haven't really thought of before. How do you look to other people on your cover? Can you be new character in their book? And will that be the hero or the villan?Use your imagination. You hold the Pen.

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