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Living in the pink...
    Who watched over us as babes?
    Who do we desire?
    How important is sex?

          If you abandon the mythology of Genesis and faith,
    what is left? I suspect, if we are ever to understand our true nature
    we must know the secret of our sex drive.

          In most tribal cultures men and women have separate lives.
    They join for nuptials, but have very little to do with each other.
    What do you do with the opposite sex?


              Bob: "I just met the sales from last year and doubled it!"

              Ping: "I sold all my term life quotas! I'm going to get a bonus
                      at my next meeting."

              Sally: "I think Ping got me pregnant.. Bob are you jealous?"

              Bob paces about the log cabin .. and then sits down in front of

              Bob: "We agreed to share our love and our commonwealth.
                      Whoever, the father is this is our baby."

              Ping: "If its my baby it will look Filapino."

              Bob: "That's not important. We're a family and the baby
                      will be ours."
              Sally: "Bob I'm not that attracted to you.
                      I like Ping more."

              Bob lights up his pipe and smokes outside the cabin he and
              Ping built.

              Ping: "Bob your my best friend. Sally is just being a bitch.
                      I spoke with her and she said you could have sex with her
                      after the baby is born."

              Bob: "Thank you Ping, but I want a woman, who loves me."

              Bob leaves Ping and Sally.

      Many behaviorist agree that men seek out healthy females to carry on
      their bloodlines. Women look for the strongest male, who can provide
      strong offspring. Ping in this senario is the dominant male.

      Is it possible to have a Plato's Republic with no marrital vows?
      I've never seen it.
      Women generally want to get married young to raise healthy children
      in a stable environment. And most men want to be certain they are not
      raising another man's child.
      That's the norm. There are always exceptions~

          Sally loves Julie and they want to have children.
      They go to a sperm bank and both are impregnated ..
      They raise two happy children in a stable family.

          Jasper loves Janet, but they can't conceive.
      Janet asks her house keeper Sarah to be a surrogate mother.
      Jasper and Sarah conceive Seth.
      Janet is not happy with Sarah remaining in the house, but Jasper
      wants Sarah to stay.
      Janet gets pregnant. And Jasper as two sons; Seth and Morice.
      Janet wants Sarah and Seth to leave... but Jasper enjoys their company.
      Janet and Jasper get divorced.

          Human behavior is fickle.
      Life and love and doubt abound in a world on the edge of total
      annihilation. If the global population is 7 billion, why should we add
      to it? Instinct tells us to fuck it up.
      Glen beck tells us to hide in a cave.
      Perhaps there is a middle ground.



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