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This is one based off of events of my first encounter with love.
Forever A Loss

I'm standing here today telling you my story
All about the loss of my innocence and glory
Torn away by a woman, never stood a chance
It was all about the game, two victims of an unfortunate circumstance
I once thought love was real, I felt it all
But she hit and ran, left me with out even the decency of a phone call
I went crazy and lost my mind
I was broken into pieces and left way behind
Why'd you do it, can't you see
That I'm the one who saved you, not them - ME!
Remember you crying in my arms surround
I put that smile on your face, I brought you up when your were down
When we met you wouldn't eat
I would tell you of my love and your heart it would skip a beat
How hard can it be to know to understand
Who I was I no long am
It was because of you, who I am today
Never thought this would happen, you walking away
The epitome of evil gave to you your silence
Fed you full of lies about me being violent
I thought you knew me, the real me
Not your mother's made up lies she gathered off of TV
I hated her, the way she stole from you
Remember that cold winter, even in that sweater you were turning blue
I fought for you, gave my heart to you
No matter the hardship, today I'd still die for you
Tell me you still don't feel the same
Now that your out and I am stuck wearing this mask of shame
So what to do, how can I last
When I keep receiving these echos from the past
You were my everything, my entire world
My diamond in the rough, I gave you more than you deserved
So how about it, say it now
Come on and scream it, shout it out loud
You did this, mommy said that
Even though I knew better, knew for you it was a trap
But no, you couldn't do it
With a love like ours, you should have never gone through with it
I miss you girl, everything there was
Every little detail and now it's over just because?
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