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Prevention is better than the cure...
Dictation begins...

         Population of Nuevo Terra currently stands at 7,360,453.

         We have lost another eighty-five people today.

         We are still six weeks from the first birth in our New World. Speculation is rife as to what the name of the newborn should be. The most popular choice has been Jesus, but Mary and Joseph have rejected this vehemently. Joseph in particular as DNA testing has proved he is the actual father. Mary is worried future generations will distort the past and the histories from Old Earth will supplant the new ones we are creating on a daily basis.

         What's more, Joseph is dying.

         He has a milder strain of DCX-3490 but it will kill him just the same. I have told him that he will live long enough to see his newborn son but I have no idea if he will or not.

         Most patients last an average of twenty-eight days upon diagnosis, and it has been three weeks since I gave Joseph the terrible news. He has not yet displayed the disturbing symptoms that usually show up at the beginning of week four.

         It starts with the hemorrhaging of the capillaries of the eyes. Those inflicted complain of an itchiness that no amount of rubbing can alleviate. As the surface of the eyes fill with blood a red curtain of mist blankets their vision. When they cry (which they invariably do), the tear ducts secrete droplets of blood.

         Next their hearing intensifies so that all sounds are amplified tenfold. They literally can hear a pin drop, and it hurts like hell. Ear plugs or headphones make no difference and puncturing the ear drum, which I have been begged to do in spite of my assurances that it will only cause further discomfort, is pointless.

         The final stage is the swelling of the tongue. It happens so rapidly that it is impossible to perform a tracheotomy before the patient asphyxiates. No-one has yet volunteered to have the surgery before the tongue starts to swell. I am convinced this procedure could save lives, but the look of horror mimics the final expression that contorts the patients face when that which defines their taste becomes their killer.

         Even with so many dead from the aforementioned exact causes they still delude themselves that this will not happen to them.

         Still, of the 3,987 deaths linked to DCX-3490, less than a third have it listed as cause of death on their death certificates. Most commit suicide when listening becomes unbearable.

         Euthanasia has long been a societal acceptance but I am yet to administer the drugs to induce it.

         Those of us tasked with finding a cure for this aggressive enemy have no clue as to where it came from and very little to examine. Blood tests reveal nothing. Once extracted from the host the culprit simply vanishes. Post expiration the host's tongue rapidly returns to its normal size and the blood in the eyes recedes, following the rules of gravity and pooling around the spine.

         It is as if it had never been there at all. It has us all extremely baffled.

         And yet there may be hope on the horizon.

         Just days ago my eyes started to itch. I do not need a mirror to visually confirm the blood flowing freely into my vision. Everything has a red tinge to it.

         I have never performed a tracheotomy on a third party but I am confident I can carry out a successful procedure on myself.

         I have to stop speaking now as the sound of my voice is becoming unbearable, and I need to prepare the scalp-

Dictation ends...

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