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Out of Range
I'm not the one you want
But I could be just what you need
You know that I'm hurting
And you love to see me bleed
I've been here in the shadows
Hoping for a light to shine
Waiting for a moment
When can I call you mine?

Your love is a pyre
Burning brighter and higher
Forever flickering flame
And I am so drawn
It's like being reborn
Do you even know my name?

I shout but you don't hear me
You're too caught up in yourself
I'm just another ornament
Forgotten on a dusty shelf
I've been here within reach
Hoping for a hand to touch
Waiting for your fingers
Am I asking too much?

But you're just a liar
Your words are like fire
Brandishing burning blame
And I am so sore
It's like nothing before
I may never be the same

I guess it's time to tell you
I've had time to hit rewind
There's no point in seeing
If you're so fricking blind
I've been here all this time
Hoping for your mind to change
Waiting's such a burden
So I'm moving out of range

You should see me now
I'm a jaw dropping wow
Lighting up every stage
And I am so sure
You've been here before
With no-one left to blame

You couldn't see
The best of me
Too busy thinkin'
'bout the cheap
This girl was fallin'
Into your arms
You should have caught me
Not given me harm!

You’re not the one I want
But You could be just what I need
Even though you're hurting
I hate to see you bleed
We're strangers in the shadows
Hoping for a light to shine
If I can be yours
Why can't you be mine?

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