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This is the culmination of what we have been taught in lesson #1 for Comma Sense Class.
Lesson #1 is housed in the folder for Comma Sense Class. This is the most difficult Lesson.


Please complete your Exercise before you go on to your Writing Assignment

It's time for practical application of the seven rules we learned this week. Remember to create a static item in your portfolio for Lesson #1 - Exercise. Please set the accessibility of these items to: Group Only: Comma Sense Class Group Page, and leave them accessible throughout the six-week course. You can copy and paste the twelve sentences below onto your static item. Then correct the sentences by placing the commas where they should go. Indicate after each sentence which of the seven Comma Usage Rule Numbers or which Exception Number you used to justify why you placed or omitted a comma. If you applied more than one Rule or Exception Number to the sentence, indicate this. If you feel the sentence is correct without a comma, write “Correct” after that sentence, and indicate which Rule or Exception Number makes it correct. Post your completed exercise in "Comma Sense Lesson / Forum Page" as Bitem format. Start a new thread and title your entry in the Subject box as LESSON #1 - EXERCISE so I can easily find it. Please don't just guess. If you have any questions or are confused in any way, do not hesitate to e-mail me BEFORE you post your exercise. I will help you figure it out. If you feel you have a question that would benefit the whole class, please post your question or comment in the "Comma Sense Lesson / Forum Page" so everyone can view the question and answer. READ the hints I have included for each sentence. Let me repeat that. READ THE HINTS I HAVE INCLUDED FOR EACH EXERCISE SENTENCE! I am practically giving you the answer.

1. While she studied for exams, Cindy decided to order pizza.
One Rule applies here.
[Hint: There is an Introductory Adverbial Clause here.]
Rule #2 applies here is my answer.Use a comma after an Introductory Adverbial Phrase.

2. This Comma Sense Class is helpful for my writing, but harmful for my blood pressure.
One exception to a Rule applies here. What is the Exception number?
[Hint: This is a Clause and Phrase joined by a Coordinating Conjunction Expressing Extreme Contrast.]
The Exception number is #1xe.

3. The incompetent, arrogant surgeon refused to justify his decision to cut off both of the patient‘s arms.
One Rule applies here.
[Hint: What kind of adjectives describe the surgeon?]
The adjectives, in the sentence, are coordinate adjectives talked about in Rule #3.

4. The specific merit badge that applies to Pat's accomplishments should be chosen carefully.
Two Rules apply here.
[Hint: First of all, what kind of adjectives describe the badge. Secondly, there is an Essential Element here which starts with the word that.]
Correct placement of no commas as mentioned in Rule #4 because they are before a compound noun. Like your post had informed me, in the case of specific and merit there is no comma since they are enhancing the kind of badge it is. Secondly, the word "that" correct on its own as of
Rule #7.

5. The disillusioned opera singer was quite handsome, yet American Idol rejected him.
Two Rules apply here.
[Hint: First of all, are the adjectives describing the singer equal in importance to the noun singer which they modify? Can you say the singer was opera and disillusioned? Secondly, these are two independent clauses joined by a Coordinating Conjunction. No extreme contrast is expressed here.]
Let us go right to Rule #1. Using Winnie's think-answer I thought of FANBOYS and considered the word "yet"as a Coordinating Conjunction.

6. My youngest brother, who has two cats, lives in Texas.
One Rule applies here.
[Hint: I only have ONE youngest brother, so is it essential to know that it is the brother with two cats?] Concerning Non-essential Elements in Rule #5,
it is unncessary between the commas and sets it off.

7. Writing.Com is a site for learning and for sharing what you have learned.
One exception to a Rule applies here. What is the Exception number?
[Hint: Are both clauses INDEPENDENT here?]
No. The Exception number is 1xd.

8. The student who achieves the highest grade in the Comma Sense Class will be awarded a merit badge.
One Rule applies here.
[Hint: Is it Essential that we know which student we are talking about? Of course it is. Otherwise, we would have to ask ourselves which student will be awarded the merit badge.]
Correct according to Rule #6. The relative pronoun "who" applies here.

9. The sturdy rocking chair was kept on the porch because it matched the decor.
Two Rules apply here (one is an exception to a rule). I need the Rule number and the Exception number.
[Hint: First of all, are the adjectives describing the chair equal in importance to the noun chair? Can you say the chair was rocking and sturdy? Secondly, what kind of conjunction is because which joins these two independent clauses?] Rule # 4, speaks of Non-Coordinate Adjectives and they
do no have commas after them. Winnie posted for me on this subject and I was very pleased to see the answer concerning the word used as "sturdy"
in another similar sentence. I see that Exception #1xb is used when "because", a subordinating conjunction separates two independent clauses. So
there is no comma there.

10. The comma-usage rules can be a bit confusing, but if you read the lessons, you will ace the class.
Two Rules apply here.
[Hint: There are 2 rules which apply here. First of all, there are two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction. Secondly, there an Introductory Clause in the middle of the sentence.]
There are 2 rules used here. Since there are two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction it uses 1xd, Rule 1. Rule 2 is also in play. This is because
it has an adverbial clause in the middle of the sentence.

11. Winnie reads and studies the beautiful works of Robert Frost so that she will understand poetic form.
One exception to a Rule applies here. What is the Exception number?
[Hint: Be careful here! There are two independent clauses joined by so that, so do you need a comma before so that?]You don't need a comma there
because it runs as a subordinating conjunction in Exception #1xa. It means no comma between Independent Clauses.

12. Tina is a newbie, and she writes short stories and poetry.
One exception to a Rule applies here. What is that Exception number?
Exception #
[Hint: The first clause in this sentence with a coordinating conjunction is pretty short, huh? So does it need a comma?]s is our first exercise assigment.
Yes, it is a short sentence; however, it glamourizes a short independent clause with another with the FANBOYS word "and". Exception# 1xc under
Rule #1.
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