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"Sketching the Central Character"-Create "Char Sketch Template" and Prose Synopsis for CC.
This is a character I imagine introducing to Tamora Pierce's Circle world at the end of The Will of the Empress.   Complete CC sketch at "Donieal - Sketching the Central Characte.

Take a guess at who [CC] is.  In your imagination develop as sharp an image as you can.

Name: Donieal [Pronounced: dawn-E-"yell"]
Age: 16-18
Location: Namorn to Emelan
Family History: Born in Namorn, parents are deceased, only paternal grandmother left in Namorn, he is a part of the Empress' court because he's attractive, she does not know that he has all four elemental magics within him, otherwise it would not be so easy for him to escape
Career aspirations: unknown, not sure, he just knows he wants to help people and not do battle magic, as he knows the Empress would have used him for had he stayed
Race: Namornese
Features: fair skin, dirty blond hair, (deep blue sea eyes OR light green/hazel, after PE#2?), 'cute'/'baby' faced, no sharp features, rather unassuming, easily forgotten unless you really pay attention to him
Appearance: used to court appearances so he knows how to dress when need be, but prefers casual dress
Likes: being happy, making others happy, playing/learning with his magic around those he trusts (which is no one but his grandma in Namorn)
Dislikes: battle, war, famine, frivolous spending while others starve or go without
Physical condition: fit but not in perfect shape, rides a horse well but gets winded during battle/cardio exercises fairly easily (compared to other noble fighters)
Ailments: his magic tires him out immensely, needs to learn how to heal/energize himself more quickly, also should learn how to 'conserve' his energy instead of expending great amounts at once for tasks that only require small amounts of magic
Education: top class, some university classes but came home after first year to care for mother in her last days and stayed with his grandmother after that, she taught him what she knew academically and of elemental magics
Socioeconomic background: 'disgraced' or lower Nobility, because his father refused to bend to the Empress' will she taxed him to near poverty, Donieal has amassed a small fortune by doing small jobs throughout the palace, every individual he has worked for values him greatly and keeps suspicion of his 'powers' to themselves
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Glovenhamer
Siblings: none
Ambition: to help others with his life's work
Hobbies: practicing his elemental magic
Significant Others: none
Intelligence: above average, he spent a lot of time in Namorn's libraries
Emotional Stability: very stable though he tends to shy away from Nobles, especially monarchs due to his time in the company of the Empress of Namorn
Flaws: considers himself rather cowardly, though outwardly he jokingly admits this, internally he hates this part of himself, hates that he had to hide his abilities all this time and couldn't find a way out of Namorn before now
Other Traits: good with his hands, can fix almost anything
Pivotal events in life: days his parents died, discovered his magic at 8 when his father died, learned better/stricter control over his magic at 14 when his mother died (was in college at age 14, considered to be somewhat of a prodigy though it was really just his elemental abilities that made his mind "keener" than others)
Favorite foods: has a sweet tooth and love for stewed tomatoes
Favorite music: anything upbeat and with a good rhythm/beat to it
Favorite reading material: any and everything
Religion: believes in elemental gods (fire, earth, wind, and water gods)
Personality: laid back, relaxed, tends to wander off a lot, enjoys exploring, very curious, he learned early to blend into the background at court, that way you could go and do just about whatever you wanted
Habits: wandering off in both person and thought, bit of a day dreamer
Favorite thing to do: find new and interesting things to practice his magic on
Comfort level with opposite sex: very comfortable, doesn't come across many females that strike a 'sexual' cord/interest in him
Things he/she takes pride in: not much, he's not a very prideful person by nature and doesn't feel like he's done much, is/will be rather proud of his energy boosting formula, for when his magic drains him
Things that bother him/her: mean people, unjust treatment
Things that make him/her laugh: magical successes, dry wit, acute humour
Speech patterns: easy going flow, can be a bit odd when he adds in bits of his daydreaming thoughts and meanderings

Prose Synopsis of the Central Character:
He had seen the brilliant glow of their magic, felt the heat of their exertion, heard the breaking of the barrier and still he found it hard to believe. They had done it! These three stranger mages, four - if his suspicions were correct and the wind mage had helped from far off, had bested Ishabal Ladyhammer and by extension, the Empress herself!
He glanced down at the puddle of mud around his ankles and the burnt windswept vegetation all around him. His own powers had become restless in the midst of the ordeal, he had to move before someone took notice of the altered area.
Moving his body proved difficult, had he used that much magic or was it just whiplash from the foursomes workings? Maybe he would ask them when he came across them on the other side. Outside of Namorn and into his new life.
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