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For the Talent Pond Poetry Contest.
With only one day to go,
I will forgo Life and
embrace Death with open hands.

Before that an important
task remains undone which I
must do immediately.

With angst continually
gnawing at my conscience, I
am burning in the fire of
remorse by dropping contrite
tears that I can't check anymore.

I must bid farewell to my
beloved ones and my world.
Will you give me a chance to
take a last wistful look at them?

Form: Free verse
Prompt:There's a popular kind of poetry from way back when and even today that's called Blues Poetry . Just like a blues song it's very emotional and descriptive. I'll let you read the site for more information and some great examples of what you'll want to write, but I think you'll have a lot of fun with this one!

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