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Writing Assignment #1 discussing the comma.

         I wish that I could go back,(1) but “looking back” is not always easy. I am a sixty-two year old, (3) aging(3), wonder-struck (4)Pennsylvania woman(1xb) when it comes to many subjects. Since I have had the reality of “dying” in my family in the past some eight years,(2) it is with certain foggy memories that(7) I cherish my past and let them drift away like a ship in the blind,(3) distant,(3) dark fog.
         So I ask myself,(2) just what am I made of these day? Do I have the strength of a hammer, or(1) do I grapple with too many weaknesses in the dust?
         Often times,(5)(16?) I am at awe with those who(6) supremely give us wonderful images of themselves. These pieces, (5)our pride and joy,(5) may well go down as classic memoir. I apologize if I envy,(5) just a bit,(5) those that irrepressibly make it so. It is only with my most candid nature that(1xb) I give compliments to those who do well.
         I have had such good pieces to review,(1xb) even though to reach for the stars means concentration on such a vast volume of work being submitted. In this capacity a large,(3) remarkable variety is offered. I have faith in a big choice of items,(1xe) but share little time amongst the marathon readers. It might be said that WDC is a truly progressive,(3) official school of thought. I like being here(1xc) and I enjoy its amenities. I am still amazed at what I can do with my work(1xb) if I try.
          If I think about it,(2) I believe the answers will come to me(1xb) because I see my reflection in so many pieces that have given me their “all” for the prize. It is what is called solid memoir or solid autobiography since(1xb) it is classic memoir or classic autobiography. Like groveling for a pocketful of predictions,(?) I was weaker than a snapping,(3) crisp vine at times. After ten years in WDC(?), I second the emotions of our instructors and/or brightest portfolios(1xb) as we renew our strengths--while leaving our weaknesses to flap in the wind.
         I have unequivocal dreams,(1) yet I know I must control my imagination with newer work so that(1xa) the wheels can roll. They are rolling,(8) rolling,(8) rolling as we speak now. Dreams are like granite rock(1xb) when they come tumbling down to cause an avalanche in our minds.(6) They make change by then.(6) They take us to daring heights and glamourous lows.(6) When Dad and two brothers were alive,(1) and certain friends had gone golden,(2)my life was as precious as good China. I will see them in my dreams(1xb) as I wish for the best possible (4)approach to herald the second generations.

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