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An Alien ponders the human race as a whole
What to do, oh, what to do?
Humans are so blasted difficult
On the one hand, you have evil
Beings so unbelievably bad
You would not wish them near
Not even put upon your enemy
On the other hand is good
Angels in but human form
You could not bear to harm them
Or even allow them to be harmed
But, if that weren’t bad enough
With humans you have the middle
Those that only see themselves
They are not good or evil
Doing what they want to do
Seeing what they want to see
Hearing what they want to hear
Believing only what is convenient
What works for them at the time
So, I sit here pondering the fate
Of the most irrational of beings
As a whole they are in the middle
Neither good nor bad it seems
Just existing for their own sakes
No thoughts or concerns for others
Yet they rally together at times
When the need is great or dire
To band together to right a wrong
But, it does not last very long
Too soon they go back to just being
What to do, oh, what to do?
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