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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #1913331
Just a small gift for a friend. Contains shrinking, pliability, feet, and adult content.
The third apartment on Quartz Street; known by some as the Howling House due to the sounds that can sometimes be heard within. All who ignore the strange rumors about this place and move in mysteriously disappear days later. Knowing this, a lone young man enters the building…though no one seems to notice him do so.

The frequent disappearances are a mystery, but suspicion certainly lies within the only permanently occupied room; apartment #22. The man approaches its door, takes a deep breath, and prepares to knock.

Just beyond the door, seated on a slightly torn sofa, was Skoll Kaiser. Skoll was a 20 year-old wolfman sporting a bulky and muscular build and a mane of crimson hair. His attire consisted of long, chain-decorated black pants and a sleeveless, brown furred vest which showed off his thick arms and ripped torso. The young wolven prince was sitting lazily; one hand holding a TV remote while the other held a half-empty bottle of beer. The wolfman growled with irritation as he flipped through the channels.

“These humans have nothing to watch on their television-things.” Skoll grumbled as he took a sip of his booze. He was just about to toss the remote over his shoulder when he came across the animal channel. Currently, a documentary about wolves was being shown and Skoll leaned forward with some interest. He was just about to observe a red wolf tear into a deer when…nothing. Nothing interrupted him, but his red ears did twitch when he thought he had heard a tapping of sorts. At first he ignored it, but then it happened again…a tad louder. Skoll put down his remote and drink and shot a glare at the nearby door with two orange orbs. Growling with annoyance, the red head stood up and stomped over to the door. He wasn’t trying to make his footfalls sound so threatening, but with such a heavy body of muscle it was unavoidable.

“Who the fuck-?!” Skoll swung open the door, but to his surprise found no one on the other side. At first the eldest Kaiser brother simply blinked at the empty space in front of him, but soon he took a few whiffs through his nose and detected a hint of someone’s scent. The young male placed one foot into the hall and looked to the left and right, but as soon as his large stomper hit the floor he heard a small “squeak” come from beneath it. “Huh?” Skoll peered down at his huge, bare foot and slowly moved it to the side. There, squashed flat as a pancake, was a micro of only a few inches. The pyromaniac raised an eyebrow as he stared down at the flattened corpse. “What the fuck is a micro doing knocking on my door? Dumb shit got what it deserved!” Skoll growled as he placed his foot back onto the tiny person and swiveled it. He expected to hear pops and crunches, but instead there was only a quiet moan. Immediately the red-haired giant stopped and stepped off the little man.

“You sure know how to greet someone.” came a British accented voice. Skoll watched as the squashed body below him started regaining its shape; returning to a recognizable form before standing up and gazing up at the larger man. “Not that I’m complaining~”

“Oh…it’s you.” Skoll spat, recognizing the pliable micro as Splat. He glared down at the micro with the same look one would give a log of dog crap…though, Skoll already thought of humans as equivalent to crap, so perhaps it was even worse than that. “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” Splat looked hurt as he placed his hands on his hips and kept his eyes fixated on Skoll’s face…which was partially hidden by his pectoral muscles. “Don’t you know what today is?”

“Erm…” The wolfboy scratched the back of his neck as he thought for a moment. “Wednesday?” In response, Splat narrowed his eyes.

“First of all, it’s Friday, you twat. Second, it’s my birthday! Don’t you have something for me?” The smaller male looked at the muscle-bound wolf as if expecting something. Skoll took a moment to think before smiling down at the micro in a very uncharacteristic way.

“Hah, how could I forget your birthday? Of course I have something for you! Close your eyes…”

Upon saying this, Splat grinned happily and squeezed his eyes shut. Moments past and then…THOOM. Skoll used the same foot as before to stomp on Splat and then proceeded to stamp him into the floor repeatedly. The entire time his fists were clenched and his teeth barred. After about ten booming stomps, Skoll turned away from the tramped human and slammed his door before he could reform.

“Freaking, pliable menace! Like I give a damn about his birthday.” The fire using wolfman plopped himself back onto the couch and resumed watching TV. Just a few moments went by before another sound grabbed Skoll’s attention, but this time it wasn’t mere tapping. The red-furred canine glanced over at the door and his eyes went wide when he realized what was making this odd buzzing noise. A tiny, spinning blade was protruding from the bottom of the door and cutting through the wood. Soon an oval-shaped cut had been made before the metal blade disappeared and that piece of the door was kicked free. Splat strolled in through the make-shift opening; a small chainsaw in his hands (Skoll had no idea where he had been keeping that).

“I hope that’s not all I get!” Splat exclaimed as he tossed the chainsaw away and placed his hands on his hips. His eyes studied the sitting wolfboy in the distance. “It was a pain walking all the way here at my size! I think deserve more than a few stomps!”

“You…what…how…!” The corner of Skoll’s mouth twitched before he growled angrily and jumped to his feet; his huge form making a deafening boom as it struck the floor. The young canine stomped threateningly over to Splat’s small form until he stood directly over him; his massive body casting a dark shadow over the Brit and his surroundings. The larger male glanced at the door and then back to Splat. “Did you just cut a hole in my door?!”

“Ummm…” The shrunken man, hands still on his hips, looked back at the door and then returned his gaze to the looming giant. “Yup.”

Skoll’s reply was a quick lift of his foot and then a thundering stomp upon Splat’s unmoving body. His fists wrapped themselves in wrathful flames as he twisted his foot into his hardwood floor. He imagined Splat’s tiny form popping and smearing like tinies were supposed to do, but instead the little man felt like dough under his foot and was still making sounds.

“Damn it, you’re not supposed to like this, you fucking maggot!” Skoll shouted as he stopped swiveling his foot, but kept it pushed down on his “guest”.

“How could I not like your big, sexy foot?” came Splat’s muffled reply. A second later Skoll felt a cool lick to the bottom of his sole. His eye twitched, but his annoyed expression soon turned into an evil smirk.

“Alright. You like my feet? You want more? I’ll give you more!” The young prince of the wolfmen leaned more weight onto his foot; crushing Splat so flat he couldn’t speak. Then the red-haired behemoth started to walk back to his couch; the tiny human pasted to his foot like chewed up bubblegum. When he reached the furniture he one more let himself fall upon it; muscular arms spread over the back. With a lick of his lips he scraped Splat off his sole and watched the mangled-looking human reform into an unscathed shape. Splat’s jaw almost dropped when he looked up and saw he was sitting before Skoll’s two bare feet; hoisted upon their heels with soles pointed at him.

“Alright, human scum. Make yourself useful and rub.” Skoll quickly snatched up his TV clicker and switched off the television. “I was getting bored of watching shit anyway. Normal wolves are such weaklings…hunting in packs and everything.” As he spoke, Splat had practically flung himself at Skoll’s right foot and was already rubbing against the warm sole before the crimson-haired man had finished speaking. Skoll smirked, amused, as he relaxed back in his sofa with his fiery eyes focused on the miniscule human. Splat smiled happily as he used the entirety of both arms to rub Skoll’s foot in wide arcs. He dug his fingers into the warm and, shockingly, clean smelling sole. It would seem the young British man had caught Skoll not long after one of his rare acts of bathing.

Splat moaned to himself as he pressed his tiny body against the giant’s expansive sole; soon using all of his body to rub against the huge structure of flesh and blood. Though Skoll was trying to hide it, He couldn’t keep all his moans and murmurs of delight hidden. His thick, muscular toes curled and flexed as he tipped his foot side-to-side and got the tiny human to rub as much of it as possible.

“Don’t forget the other one.” boomed the red wolfman as he gestured to his other, unattended sole. Splat nodded up to him and raced toward the giant’s second foot. When he got to it, it wasn’t just a rubdown he gave the sole, but also a tongue bath. Skoll bit his bottom lip and growled a little as he felt the young man’s tiny, cool tongue against the sensitive skin of his foot. “Hrrm…yeah. That feels good.” Skoll’s red tail thumped against the couch as Splat continued to rub, lick, and kiss the wolf’s warm, smooth sole. Skoll started panting a bit as he slowly laid his foot down over Splat; once gain pinning the human underneath. A tent was starting to form on his black, leather pants and Skoll slowly cupped it into his large, manly hand. He focused on the wiggling Splat was making under his foot and started rubbing his palm against his hidden monster.

“Hehe…you humans are always getting me excited. It’s been a while since one’s lasted long enough to get me this excited, but I guess that’s what you’re good for!” Skoll gave a harsh grunt as he forced his foot’s weight down upon Splat again, squishing him against the bottom of his foot. Then the young prince raised his foot off the floor and propped it onto his knee; turning the sole toward him. He chuckled evilly and peeled little Splat off. As he held the shrunken man between his thumb and forefinger, his other hand clumsily reached for the rim of his pants and tugged them down along with his black boxers. “You’re gonna help me something else, bug.” With his pants around his knees, Skoll dropped Splat into his forest of crimson pubic hair. The pliable tiny gazed up at what looked like a spire of musky flesh; Skoll’s huge wolfhood. The evil wolf grinned toothily as he slowly massaged his revealed erection with one hand while his eyes stared down at Splat. “Get me off, maggot. Let’s see what you can do!”

“W-wow…” the Brit mumbled as he gawked up at the obelisk that was Skoll’s dick; the organ was bigger than he! Glad he had decided to pay Skoll a visit, Splat maneuvered through the red pubes until he reached the base of Skoll’s manhood. There, just as he had done with Skoll’s feet, he pressed himself against the penis and rubbed his body against it. High above, the wolven giant growled through his teeth and kept his hand hovering over his pink cockhead; resisting the urge to grab his pole and pump himself. He closed his eyes and let Splat hug his dick while grinding himself against the sensitive flesh. Behind him his furry tail beat against the sofa; exposing his pleasure and glee.

“U-Uhhh…ahhhh….y-you’re good at this.” Skoll mumbled as he started to sweat a little; his exposed torso gleaming with perspiration that made his defined muscled shine. His chest expanded and contracted as he breathed; the wolf’s chin touching the center of his sweaty chest as he watched Splat work. Despite all the effort the little man was putting into jacking off his huge master and how unbelievably good it felt, Skoll couldn’t hold back. He NEEDED to touch himself! Without warning the eldest Kaiser brother used his right hand to grasp his meat; instantly squeezing Splat between a hot palm and a hotter erection. A loud moan escaped Splat’s mouth as he was pressed against a thick vein that ran down the underside of Skoll’s length. Outside the coiled fingers, the towering wolf panted and grunted as he began stroking and massaging his cock. He threw his head back and let it rest on the back of the couch as the room became filled with the smell of manly musk and the sounds of someone beating off. Skoll’s pulled and squeezed his cock; feeling little Splat get crushed and flattened under his amazing strength. If it had been anyone else, they would probably be lube for Skoll’s dick by now.

“G-Gonna…AHHH…gonna cum!!” Skoll shouted just before he did just that. He gave his well-endowed penis one final squeeze before an eruption of white shot out the tip. Skoll howled in satisfaction as he coated his own exposed torso with his sticky white mess. Jizz leaked through his fingers and soaked Splat; covering him in the wolfboy’s seed. After discharging what seemed like gallons of man juice, Skoll released one last string of cum into his face before letting go of his damp monster and letting his hand fall to his side. For a moment he just sat there in the aftermath of his orgasm; his pink tongue creeping out of his mouth to lick some cum off his face. His cloudy eyes looked down at his softened penis and spotted Splat. The human was in a similar condition, covered in whiteness, and glued to his pole like a fly on flypaper. One more the giant licked his lips and grinned before reaching down and peeling Splat off his privates. He held the little guy in his fist and brought him to his flushed face.

“That felt amazing…usually all the micros I use for that purpose end up little stains in my pants! I suppose being invincible has its uses…” Skoll watched through cruel, orange eyes as his tiny guest snuggled against his thick fingers and smiled with agreement. Skoll used his thumb to gently pat he tiny Brit on the head. “You’re a mess…I bet you taste even better with all that…seasoning.” Skoll snickered and showed Splat his sharp, pearly whites. The human, however, only glared back at them and gave a growl of his own.

“Don’t even think about it…” Splat replied before he suddenly sank his teeth into Skoll’s finger. The large wolfman winced at the surprisingly string bite and let go; letting the tiny man fall between his pecs. An “oof” escaped Splat’s lips as he hit the hard chest. He looked up and smiled when he saw Skoll licking where he had bitten.

“Piece of trash!” the giant, long haired wolf exclaimed as he stopped nursing his wound and barred his fangs down at Splat. “I was only joking!”

“Can’t be too careful…” was Splat’s reply, earning himself a scoff from Skoll. Then, the giant suddenly stood up and Splat yelped as he rolled off his chest. The tiny, pliable micro fell past Skoll’s chiseled abs and hung member before landing with a SMACK on the floor below. Usually a fatal fall for micros, Splat stood up unharmed and dusted himself off. Above him, the larger make tugged his pants back on and observed the little man between his large stompers.

“You gonna leave now?”

“Well…” Splat folded his arms across his chest and looked to the door before meeting Skoll’s gaze once again. “I guess that’s enough. Maybe I’ll come back later when your brother’s home; I’m expecting a present from him too! Until then…” Splat turned away from Skoll and gave him a wave before tucking his hands into his pockets and marching his little self toward the door. Before he could get too far, however, there was another THOOM as Skoll dropped his bare foot onto him. This time, however, only Splat’s lower half was smashed under the foot…his upper half stuck out from underneath the toes.

“What’s the rush?” Skoll asked as he lightly tapped Splat’s head with his toe pads. “I was just beginning to enjoy your company. How about we head out somewhere…grab some lunch?”

“W-What?” Splat turned his head in an attempt to look up at Skoll’s head. “Lunch? You want to take me out to lunch?”

“Sure!” Skoll grinned maliciously before stepped off Splat and turning to walk away. “Wait right here!” Splat sat up and watched the heavy wolfman stomp off to another part of the apartment. It only took him a minute to return and Splat spent that minute wondering what could have given Skoll a change of heart. Then, the wolfboy returned carrying some kind of black, leather strap in his hand. Just as the shrunken human started to ask about it, Skoll reached down and snatched him up before he could finish the question.

“Shut up and be still!” Skoll commanded as sat down on the floor; his bubble butt making an earsplitting boom as it hit the floor. Using one hand, Skoll pushed Splat face-first against the rough sole of his right foot and used the other to secure the strap around him.

“W-What are you doing?!” Splat shouted as he was tied firmly to the wolf’s large sole; arms pinned to his sides. With the black strap around his foot and keeping his little prisoner where he belonged, Skoll stood up and cackled as he put all his weight down upon Splat. The fire manipulator looked down at his foot uncaring as Splat was smushed underneath all of his beefy weight.

“Perfect! You’re gonna make a great insole!” Skoll barked as he raised his foot up a few inches off the floor and stamped it down to make sure Splat was fastened to it securely. “I’ll go have myself a nice meal and meanwhile you can lick the perspiration and dirt from my foot! Lucky you!” Skoll barked out some laughter as he stomped his way out of the apartment; each stride bringing all of his heavy power down upon the immortal micro. Splat sighed at first, but soon closed his eyes and took in the feeling of being Skoll’s insole. As the large man walked to whatever restaurant or bar he was heading for, Splat enjoyed being flattened against the rough texture of the giant’s sole. All that power and weight…all of this foot…it was all for him.

“Best birthday ever…” Splat mumbled as he gave Skoll’s baked foot a lick.

“Best Wednesday ever…” Skoll mumbled above as he folded his strong arms behind his head.

“It’s Friday.”

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