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by Jollz
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lyrics for "Kano" from the Contacting Nebulas full-length LP "The Inquisitor"
Shapes in which to venture to, our lives are fantasy incarnate.
Blossoming sadness weens from cosmic magma.

Drastic speed induced machines, freed from starry confines.

Leaning slightly neutral as our minds digress.
Ensembles of glittering lights lead us to mines (minds) of darkness.

Hailing down before our feet
synced beats repulse the frozen street.

Nothing makes sense in a realm of chance,
Opposing sides, one in the same.
Pondering ghosts cry in shame.

Back to familiar a place of slaves,
Battling crests before the knave.

My insides a wreck like that vessel I had.
Light years away from a distant sphere,
We fear and fear but won't shed a tear.
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