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Tesla was a true visionary and remarkable inventor genius.
Nikola Tesla
Inventor Genius

Tesla was a true visionary and remarkable inventor genius. He obtained 300 patents for his inventions around the world; some of his designs were never enjoyed the protection of patent laws. Tesla never had dull moments in his life. He was always researching, experimenting, and creating new things for the benefit of mankind.
Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight on July 10th in 1856 with the most violent thunderstorm and electricity on the sky of Smiljan Lika, small alluring mountainous village in Croatia. (It is known as Yugoslavia today, which consist of Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Bosnia)His childhood was spent playing in the woods, and fields in the company of animals. In 1862 when Tesla was six years old; the family moved to Karlovac. (It is a city in central Croatia) where Tesla went to school. He showed notable aptitudes for mathematics and science. At the age seventeen Tesla enrolled in Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria. Later the young man transferred to the University of Prague. He wanted to specialize in physic and mathematics, but later he became fascinated with electricity.
In 1881 upon his graduation, Tesla started his professional career as an electronic engineer with the telephone company in Budapest. It was a beautiful huge city, but an intelligent man like Tesla wanted more. He started looking for a better job offering somewhere else.
In 1882 Tesla started working for the Continental Edison Company in Paris as an electronic engineer. The branch manager Charles Batcher was fascinated by Tesla’s intelligence, grace, and charm so much that when Edison needed someone to improve his dynamo machine in New York, Batcher did not hesitate to give Tesla a letter of recommendation and send him off to the land of opportunities. Margret Cheney a Tesla biographer and a famed author quoted from Batcher, ‘I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man.’(Cheney, Tesla man out of time) Edison was so impressed by this letter that hired Tesla immediately.
Edison was more of businessman than inventor. He promised Tesla fifty thousand dollars in reward for fixing the badly needed repair on dynamo machine (It is an electric generator). Tesla spent countless hours on the machine and fixed it skillfully. But Edison refused to pay. Edison told Tesla that his promise of fifty thousand dollars was an American joke; this was the start of rivalry between two colossal men. On his spare time, Tesla worked on his own inventions such as: Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla’s Solar Engine, and Remote Torpedo Boat. En Wikipedia.org wrote,” Wardenclyffe Tower (1910-1917) was also known as Tesla’s Tower on early wireless transmission tower designed by Nikola Tesla and intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephone broadcasting, and proof of concept demonstrations of wireless power transmission. It was never fully operational, and tower was demolished in 1917” (en.wikipedia.org) for national security reasons.
In 1898 Tesla came up with the Solar Engine idea. Cheney wrote, “he was discovered a method of producing steam from the rays of the Sun. The steam runs a steam engine which generates electricity.” (Cheney, Tesla man out of time) Tesla’s third project was Remote Control Torpedo Boat. In 1898 at the Madison Square Garden Cheney wrote,” Tesla demonstrated a torpedo boat without a crew, including a motor with a storage battery to drive the propeller, smaller motors and batteries to operate the steering gear, and still others to feed signal lights and to raise or lower the boat in water. Six 14 foot torpedoes were to be placed vertically into place. Tesla had advised the NAVY that he thought such a boat could be built for around $50,000.” (Cheney, Tesla man out of time) Tesla had other projects in mind. He invented Alternating Currents, Light, X-Rays, Radio, Tesla’s Death Ray Weapon, Electric Motor, Robotics, Laser, Communications, and Free Energy were some of Tesla’s gift to the world.
In 1915 New York Times run an article announcing that Tesla and Edison were to share the Nobel Prize for physic. But Tesla refused to share the Noble Prize because of pervious animosity toward Edison.
Tesla was God’s gift to humanity; he was a man without boundary.
Tesla was a great scientist as well as humanitarian. Lord said, let there be light and Tesla was born. Tesla had a great love for birds. There was a story about Tesla and his beloved bird. Tesla had a beautiful white dove as a pet that he was feeding from his hotel window. One day Tesla found the motionless body of his darling feathered creature outside of the hotel window. Tesla became sad and said that since his dear bird is dead, he lost the will to live. Next day, on January 7, 1943 (at the time of death he was 60 years old) Tesla this renowned genius passed away in room 3327 at Hotel New York. Yugoslavia’s government in exile arranged for Tesla’s state funeral.
Finally, there is a story that after Tesla’s death, FBI with plain clothes scientist rushed to Tesla’s room and confiscated all Tesla’s scientific papers, drawings, and personal notes. Tesla’s ingenuities were from future. Therefore, The United States War Department banned Tesla’s name for a period of hundred years from history books. This brilliant man brought the safe and connivance of modern electricity for the people of the world to enjoy. Tesla was a true visionary and the architect of amazing technologies that world shall never forget. There shall never be one like him again for eternity.
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