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Questions I'd like to ask.(+)

        If I may, I think Quentin Tarantino is an action film making dynamo.
    I have a theory that much of his film story lines come from his violent
    upbringing as a family member of the Tarantino drug cartel.
    Much of the film industry is controlled by the mob. It is with this
    awareness that I construct this fictional interview with the Mafia film maker
    and cinema genius Quentin Tarantino.

    Q: Does much of your film making come from personal experience?

    A: None of your business.

    Q: Do you resent the handsome Hollywood celebrities?

    A: Are you kidding? They're my bread and buttah.

    Q: Do your films encourage drug use and gun violence?

    A: Only if your stupid.

    Rap up~ Thank you Mr. Tarantino .. I am a big fan of your films.
                  You have made a mark in cinema history, which will never
                  be forgotten. It was a honor to meet you.

    Muzzy takes a deep breath and shakes the very dangerous gangster
    film maker's hand.

    Loved Reservoir Dogs.


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