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Just the bones of a story I have in mind. What do you people think of it?
So for infinity, Heaven, Hell and Earth were existing according to various laws. Lucifer, holed up in Hell, attempting to corrupt humanity and lead an Angelic Rebellion. King of Spies and Lies, he knows everything, but has very little power outside his own realm.
God exists, but nobody save Jesus sees Him. He is a recluse who lives in a mighty Palace of Light. Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who is an officious, clerical being, run Heavenly affairs. They have lots of power, but are "restrained" due to Ordainment 1733 A, which decrees that Divine Intervention can only be initiated by the Lord Himself. Angelic powers can still be used in Heaven/Earth, but only limited to small affairs.
There is this Cold War scenario whereby earth is the meeting ground of the two sides. Proxy wars are fought, Angels switch sides, humans are fought over and exchanged. Very rarely are there incursions into Hell/Heaven from the other side. Both Lucifer and Jesus know that in the case of full conflict is not to be done, because neither side is strong enough to go at the other, and both Lucifer and Jesus secretly know what will happen if ever such a conflict should occur. Angels and archangels meet on Earth all the time, to negotiate deals and so forth. Slang terms are "Traitors", "Fallen", "Unfortunates"; "Deluded", "Inflexibles", "Absolved".
Into this picture steps a man. He is accepted into Heaven as being a pure soul, who has lived a charitable life and done little wrong. A seemingly incorruptible man. On top of this, the Heart Reader can find no burning hatreds or Satanic influences. Nothing appears to be wrong. However, not long after the man discovers the Angelic War (as everyone does - it's necessary to be aware that the souls in Heaven are to help fight the Enemy), he begins to plot something to end the waste as he sees it. The man dislikes the concept of a war between angels, and he despises Lucifer for his proud rebellion. He starts to hatch a plan, which somehow is missed by the Heavenly Angels. Lucifer becomes aware of the plan, but only fragments of it and dismisses it as a ruse by Michael, who is the counter-intelligence archangel.
Eventually, the man leads a rebellion of humans against God, and successfully storms the Palace. Most of the Heavenly angels are out in the field, hence the success of the operation. The Capture Jesus and the Holy Spirit, although God himself is absent. Jesus is crucified again, and the Holy Spirit is locked away.
Despite the vanishing act God pulls, it is still a triumph for man, as the Leader thinks. He begins a policy of rearmament, and uses both living and dead humans to assist in the build up. With the sudden removal of their human base, the Heavenly angels lose their ability to maintain the order they intended on Earth, and things start falling apart. However, Lucifer is unable to actually do much about it, save pour more of the Fallen into the world. Mankind is becoming too difficult to corrupt, even for Lucifer himself. Eventually the Leader launches attacks on Hell. The 9 circles are eventually taken, although it is a long and bloody affair (the damned souls are often too weak or corrupted to fight with the humans). Eventually though, Lucifer is found, stuck in his icy prison. He is freed from his prison, only to be crucified and then placed next to Jesus. Satan's hatred of humanity grows, but Jesus still holds hope that things will righten themselves.
With the leaders of the Heavenly and Demonic forces now under control, The Leader sets about finding and eliminating any Angelic resistance movements out there. Angels are hunted down, whether Fallen on Loyalist. Eventually the Angels unify under one banner and attempt to fight together, and a stalemate occurs, with the Angellic Forces, who still distrust each other, in control of half of earth, and one or two circles of Hell and the Purgatory Mountain, with humanity in control of the rest of the earth, Heaven, and the rest of Hell.
After 20 Earth Years (which are basically the same in Heaven and Hell, give or take a couple of months), God somehow makes a return. Mind you, it starts off as only a rumour amongst the Angels, that He's back to lead them. Whilst He's never actually seen, the overall morale boost to the Angels basically leads to their victory and the release of Jesus and Lucifer. Eventually the humans are beaten into submission, with the Angels, especially the Fallen, wreaking havoc on Earth, and generally causing the misery (WWI,Spanish Flu, Russian Civil War, Great Depression, China's collapse, WWII, Korea). The Leader holds out until the last, but eventually is captured and sent into the Palace of Light for a secret council with God.
After several days he comes out, and is then banished to the 9th Circle of Hell, where he is buried up to his waist, opposite to where Lucifer sits (he is banished back, but he is allowed to occasionally reach over and torture the Leader to relieve his suffering. Several angels swap sides, the world eventually gets back on its feet, and things return to normal, although different.
As an epilogue, it shows the Leader, bitter in Hell, negotiating an alliance with Lucifer, who for the most part ignores him, but right at the end seems interested. Ends with the possibility of Lucifer learning how to free himself and beginning his war.
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