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by Love
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Notes at bethel worship center on deliverance on 10-28-12
Leviathan - Spirit and king over pride
Contention and stride - spirits that work together
woe the crown of pride
don't believe "little pride"
let not the foot of pride come against me
The pride of life is not of the Father
Deal with underlings before attacking the spirit of pride
obedience and forgiveness give us protection from the enemy
There are lying spirits. We need to be diserning
Not every voice comes from God.
Defilement - to make unclean or inpure - to corrupt the purity, to violate the chasity of, etc.
defilement hinders the hedge of protection. Protection needs to be there for our personal well being, for the place we live, and for our nation.
Defilement works with shame. If you have shame, you have been defiled.
wind chimes tend to draw evil spirits.
Defilement invites others with the same spirit.
can also occur by people laying hands on you and praying for you - when not safe they can create problems for you.
rage and mockery comes with alcohol addiction.
tattos, body piercing, c-cections, breaking of the skin - portals for spirits to enter - done out of rebellion and pride
blood transfusion - another portal
you don't know what was on the land before you owned it - repent over it - ask the Lord for forgiveness
repentance breaks the legal hold of demonic attacks
pray aloud - eyes open - to cast out the demons - declaration against satan.
owls and frogs are defiling
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