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by Plato
Rated: 18+ · Other · Erotica · #1914415
One girl is in huge trouble when her "friend" she sells her out to a hungry experiment!
(This chapter's a bit more dramatic and less humorous than the first chapter. You've been warned!)


Sandra brushed her long blond hair back as she nervously made her way back home from "Newton High School". She bit her lip as she looked around, frightened somewhat at how...DARK...it had gotten in the past few hours.

She'd stayed late, spending time with her friends to work on ab crunches in the gym at school. Fitness was becoming an important part of the people of the Planet Earth's schedule. Why? Simple...they didn't wanna DIE!

A fit and strong human, when teamed up with others and properly armed, could take on evil members of the Vore Clan, an alien race that was invading Earth so as to prey upon it's inhabitants.

Sympathizers called "The Covenant" had been training Earthlings to combat the Vore Clan, and so now the planet was being filled with various species that were strange, new...and exciting! In fact, Sandra now had a dragoness, a fairy AND an insect-like alien as friends...the same friends who had done ab crunching with her today in the gym.

But she didn't want to be TOO late to getting home. If she did, her dad would take out his belt, what he called his "Weapon of Ass Destruction".

"Get cho ass over heah!"


Visibly imagining her own butt-kicking in her head, Sandra picked up the pace, thankful at the sight of the lovely Phoebe the Faerie, who was floating up ahead. Both were a lot alike...a buxom body, very pretty lips, the ones that made all the boys go "OOOOOH" and LONG to kiss...and best of all, long, flowing hair. Phoebe's was dark brown while hers was blond, but still...

Oh, she was showing off her wings again, hovering in the air on silky, butterfly-like creations of blue, white and black. She hovered around Phoebe, smiling happily.






The two then burst out laughing and Phoebe touched down on the ground, walking alongside of Sandra as they headed down the sidewalk.

"You beat me here with those pretty wings of yours?"

"Hey, I'm trying to build up my frequent flyer miles!" Phoebe laughed. "You need to get home quickly, don'tcha?"

Sandra tilted her head to the side, nodding. "Yeah, or dad'll kick my can!"

"Well..." Phoebe grinned slyly. "I CAN just FLY you there. I've got the physical strength!"

"Really? I mean, I've seen you working out, but...are you SURE?" Sandra asked.

Phoebe nodded. "Oh yeah." She insisted. "I can carry you!" She held out one hand. "Shall we?"

Sandra nodded and took Phoebe's hand, and the two floated up through the air. The feel of the wind in her face and hair was...it was nothing like the fan she had at night, nor sticking her head out of a car to feel THAT wind. This was all around her, caressing her beautifully and-

Suddenly Sandra noticed they were heading the wrong way. "You should have turned left." She remarked. "This way goes to the PARK!"

A horrid smile. Phoebe laughed, a silvery, coy laugh. "Oh yes!...I know..."

She let go of Sandra and the poor blonde fell down...down...


Into the waiting arms of a furry beast. She gasped at the sight of what was holding her...a grey, furry being of some kind, an alien mammal. Big, long ears that hung down like a dog's, a gumdrop-shaped nose, black claws upon it's hands and taloned feet...a thick and furry chest and those eyes...deep black with a beautiful shade of green below, so enticing and wonderful to gaze at...

It was holding onto her intently, the brown hair swept back at the top of it's head, almost like a mane. It calmly held her to the ground and tied her up with some rope, then clapped it's clawed hands free of imaginary dust and stepped back to admire it's work...HIS work. Definitely a he...his baggy  pants were a male's pants, and that chest was that of a man's too. But above all, that smile...those pearly white FANGS...what kind of man WAS he?

"So you're the catch?" He wondered out loud. "Phoebe, how old IS she? You said she was a senior. The poor thing can't be much older than 15!"

"So I lied about that. Big whoop." Phoebe said, floating down. She shrugged. "Just eat her, Ahinahina."

"Phoebe, what...what IS this?"

"She's a Vore Clan sympathizer." Mr. "Ahinahina" explained, waving his clawed hand. "She's a "Prey" type member of the Vore Clan who sells out other people to ensure her own safety."

"Wait, you're not really gonna eat me, Mister Ah-ahina..."

"It's "Gray" in Hawaiian. My family is unoriginal. I have a brother named Azul. A cousin named Maroon."

"But...but Phoebe, I thought we were friends, I..." Sandra felt tears spring to her eyes. "I liked you..."

"That's what made it EASY." Phoebe cackled.

"She's not a typical fairy. She's an evil sprite, a "fay" as well call them." Ahinahina explained. "And I'm a...well, the term's "furry". Really, it's insulting to be called that...anyhow, I suppose you want to know what I'm going to do to you..."

Sandra bit her lip and curled up, sobbing. She knew what he would do to her. This thing was four and a half feet tall, smaller than her or Phoebe by a good foot, but she had heard reports of small creatures devouring people twice their size...when it came to the Vore Clan, size didn't matter...if they caught you, you were food...or a slave. Usually a slave until they got hungry.

She could imagine it...a painful, horrid end. Teeth biting into her feet, horrid chomping. She'd be eaten feet first, he seemed kinky. He would want to hear her screams as he gulped her down into his thick and muscular gullet. His claws would dig into her creamy flesh, forcing her in deeper, deeper into his maw until only her head remained, and his tongue would wrap around it and force her in...

Then he'd get to work on gulping her down his esophagus, and then she'd land in his stomach and get dissolved like hot butter in his belly. Perhaps he'd even laugh.

"Just make it quick..." She begged tearfully as she felt him caress her body with his furry, yet smooth hands. She saw Phoebe through her foggy, tear-filled eyes and could picture the smug look on her face.

"Don't worry." Ahinahina's voice crooned. "I have no intention of making you suffer..."

A horrid GASP. Choking sounds...and Sandra blinked vividly, seeing...seeing Ahinahina's claws around Phoebe's throat.

"YOU, on the other hand, will suffer quite a bit." He hissed. "Prepare to DIE, fay!"

He headbutted her and she fell to the ground, groaning. Before she could stop him, he'd ripped her clothes off with his claws and had pushed her legs aside, exposing her clitoris, which glowed a visible pink shade, the labia looking inviting...

The grey-furred thing smirked coldly and then bit into her pussy, tasting it and sucking...Phoebe's near-unconscious body was now jolted back into the land of the living, but her struggles meant nothing. She screamed and begged, but her flailing was futile, he was FAR, FAR stronger than her. Soon a dark pleasure filled her, and an orgasm hit her hard like a freight train, forcing her head back as she moaned...

Now she was in a mix of consciousness and paralysis...he'd sucked her vagina dry of it's honey-like fluids and now decided to finish things. Sandra watched as he devoured her from the feet up, scooping her body into his large, fanged jaw and gulping her in deeper...deeper...

Although it appeared at FIRST as if Phoebe was completely unable to move or feel...Sandra soon saw terror in the fay's eyes. She was feeling EVERYTHING, but unable to move. Soon he was up to her breasts, fangs digging in and puncturing them slightly, allowing some milk to pour into his maw...which only served to help him get more of the fay down his throat.

It didn't take long, but soon Ahinahina had finished and was slurping her hair up like spaghetti. Letting out a long, liquid belch as two smushy-looking things fluttered through the air to be deposited below him, he patted his stomach and turned to Sandra, gently kneeling down by her and undoing the rope that had tied her up.

"I had to keep up appearances." He insisted. "It was an experiment..." He smiled to himself. "She was rather filling too. I should perform science more often, ha-ha-ha!"

"What...what do you mean?" Sandra asked as she nervously bit her lip, scooting back slightly.

"I'm one of the Covenant. Part of a special task force of the Covenant that hunts down sneaky prey types that try to befriend your kind only to feed them to their benefactors. We've had our eye on Phoebe for some time. I'm sorry you had to find out THIS way but she was going to feed you to this nasty orc if I hadn't volunteered myself." Ahinahina bowed his head. "I'm sorry, truly, for making you so scared..."

"I thought she was my FRIEND..." Sandra said quietly, covering her face and falling to her knees, crying.

"You poor little human." He whispered, gently holding her body. "I'm so sorry, I truly am. But it was the only way to save you and to ensure she wouldn't trick anyone else. Fays can be so very cruel."

"Is she dead?" A voice asked. Ahinahina turned to look at a red-furred furry who held up the two wings that he'd belched out. "Yep, she's dead. 'Bout time, I HATED Phoebe!"

"Ezzie, leave us alone, the girl needs counseling."

"Ooh, look, now I'M a fay!" Esmeralda laughed, flapping the wings that her fellow furry had burped up.

Ahinahina helped Sandra up. "Sandra, listen, there are Vore Clan hunters hiding in your school and we need the help of insiders like you to find thema and STOP them. They are hiding under the pretense of being Covenant members, just like Phoebe was, and thus are capable of entering the school system."

"If you..." Sandra took a deep breath. "If you need my help to find these...these MONSTERS that'll trick people into thinking they can trust them...I'll give it!"

Ahinahina smiled and patted Sandra on the side. "I'm thankful to hear that! Now...let's get you home. To tell the truth, we've had our eyes on YOU for some time too, not just Phoebe."

"You haven't been STALKING me, have you?"

"Something like that. But on the bright side, we know your dad occasionally lets his "belt wail". Now I can arrange to have him spend a night with Esmeralda. She'll coat him in some honey, a little sauce, add some pepper and salt and then he'll be willing to agree to ANYTHING to keep from being eaten if you wanna know the truth..."

"Oh WOW! You mean no more belt?"


"That sounds...hey, could I get a raise of my allowance too?"

"Why not?" Esmeralda laughed. "Us girls gotta look out for each other! I'll tie him up, stuff his mouth with an apple and whip him with his own belt until he agrees to get it up to twenty bucks a week, how's that?" She asked.

"That settles it, you two are my new best friends!" Sandra laughed happily. "I can't wait to introduce you to my friends...and my folks!"

Look out Daddy-o, she thought with a grin. She only hoped she'd be allowed to take some pictures.

One for the memories...

And one for the internet!
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