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I'm going to record this song. Please review. I want a producer to see this.
I only want this dream
of being noticed and famous
to have fans, being heard and seen
perform at a stadium
maybe too much
I get to mean
one in a million
but I'm worth more
than a trillion
I'm stepping on a billion
and killin much more
It's maken me work for what its for
I wouldn't have discovered this talent
nah if it weren't for that whore
I kissed her and she hit me
but I cleaned up that sore
I've rised from the dirt that I fell on
pushed all the haters and doubters
my dream presents me as an icon
maybe my heads to big
maybe I'm just high on
nah I want it this bad
say I can't do it
fuckin makes me mad
sad you never had
this opportunity and talent
immunity I found it
I'll bind around it
you can't see me
I'll sound it
waiting for a producer
to find me
So I can learn from
the same kind as me
take off my blind fold to see
drop off the world I'm free
Flying ten thousand miles
with the key
In my world I'm me
and thats all I got to be
to be mean

(step up I'm seen
fuck you I'm mean
take my word from me
I'm meant to be
on top
It's just my dream and me

Alright change the beat
I'm back on my feet
and I'm cleanin the streets
with an AK and a bottle of jack
my minds gone
insane I'm fuckin whack
cops are lookin but I've
hidden any track
I'm not big but I wont take your crap
you think this is an act
while your backed up on a wall
and I beat the shit out of you
Tell you fall
I aint gonna argue
made you look small
now cops saw it all
handcuffs I'm tied
screamin in the back
While I record this damn track
planing tactics
for an all out attack
lookin this bitch in the eye
tell she gives me a smack
and I through my back hand
I don't care if it could be
my last damn stand
that ain't it got more and
I don't need a band
to make a hit
I throw my rhymes
like a fist land it like I spit
top 5 list
just like the rest of the shit
that plays
on radio waves
throughout night and day


Lets cut the play
I would always do this
Even without a pay
I would drop everything and go
Before you even get say
You won’t be good enough your life is to good for this stuff
Fuck that you’ll be beggin for me all day
While I sit here and replay
My story for days and days
Making cd’s a million different ways
Being successful is my only motive
Weather you live low or low live
Wanting a producer to give me a chance
I have what it takes
When I rap my rhymes shake the place
Forget my face
Don’t loose me
You’ll wish you had my trace
You’re not gonna want it to be that case
When I’m done I’m gone
Get my rocket
Blast off to space
My words will burn so much
Just as much as mace
But this is all a race
And I aint in the same race
All I want to be is the top ace


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