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Alternative lifestyles...
          The American Academy of Psychology has stated that
    homosexuality is as valid as heterosexuality.

    Okay, should homosexual adolescence be encouraged?
    In my high school there were gay students and they got beat up.
    It did cause a disruption at the high school.
    Violent heterosexual boys were targeting gay boys for harassment.

    The principle suspended the bullies and the gay victims.
    The principle reasoned that the gay boys incited the bullies.
    This is nonsense by today's standards.
    But, the danger from society is still there.

    So. Can you be happy if some people want to hurt you?
    There was a time when interracial couples were lynched.
    Most people accept interracial couples today.
    Majority opinion can change.

    This is the slippery slope; what is the standard for a happy relationship?
    Polygamy is legal in Nevada and Montana and other parts of the world.
    Why can't it be legal in other states?
    Should there be a means test for owning a marriage license?
    How long can a legal citizen collect welfare?

    The age of consent varies from state to state and country.
    What is the means test for consent?
    I can vouch that having sex at an early age has traumatized me.
    I have difficulty trusting people.
    The American Academy of Child Psychiatry has decreed that
    children lack the emotional development to sustain a healthy relationship.
    But, girls are becoming pregnant at an earlier age and
    increasing the number of welfare moms.
    Is this the means test? Money is important.

    I honestly do not want to get married or have children.
    The world is on the tipping point and people are two faced.
    I like people, but how many more can we support?
    How much oil is there? How much fresh water?
    These are not moral reasons.
    They are practical. Love is not practical.

    Is love moral?
    It must be.
    Love is a mutual respect and commitment.
    That is the definition of a legal contract.
    I guess that's a means test too.

    A strong sexual attraction is necessary ..
    Now, I'm confused.
    The strongest sex drive is in puberty.
    But, teenage pregnancies are not wanted.
    They become a burden to society.

    Should adults be allowed to marry teenagers?
    That sounds like fun, but anyone who knows teenagers
    would not want to live with them.
    Yes. The wild west was tamed by pioneers with teenage wives.
    I just don't have that much energy left.

    I guess I'm a utilitarian at heart.
    I don't want to martyr myself for love.
    Romeo and Juliet were teenagers.
    And they killed themselves... . Oy!

    I think I'll watch Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
    Or Unforgiven with Burt Lancaster..
    Burt's a pioneer frontiers man, and his wife is a
    Native American.. but they both don't know it.
    When the other settlers figure it out they try to lynch
    the wife, because they hate Native Americans.
    There's a moral in there somewhere.

    I need a nap.

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