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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1914824
short erotic story
Surveying the scene Rebekah smiled contentedly. She had spent all day in the kitchen preparing a special meal and couldn't wait for Jake to return home. Tonight she was going to show him who was boss in this house. Climbing the stairs she mentally planned the evening ahead wanting everything to go exactly as she was anticipating. Entering the bedroom she wanted to double check everything was in place. Curtains drawn, silk scarf tied to each corner of the bed. Blindfold on the table with a selection of oils, feathers and other items of intrigue. Scarlet Rose petals scattered all over the black satin sheets. It was perfect. Bathroom next, towels on radiator warming , shower set, everything was planned to the final detail. Her days planning was coming to fruition. Hearing the car pull up the drive Rebekah raced down the stairs and back into the kitchen. Rapidly pulling off her clothes and throwing them into the cupboard she put on just her apron. Nipples clearly visible either side of the fabric. She grabbed the bottle of wine and made her way to the door, throwing it open before he had time to. Rebekah marvelled at the look of shock and awe on his face. Not just from the surprise but from the way she knew she looked at that moment. Hair down and tussled naked apart from the apron, cheeks flushed and a diamond smile. Reaching forward she grabbed his tie and pulled him inside, kicking the door shut as she did.
"Good day at the office" she chuckled as she pinned him up against the wall for a deep and passionate kiss. Jake responded with a deepening of the kiss, hands wrapping around her. Cupping her ample buttocks in his hands and pulling her closer. She could feel his instant arousal swelling in his trousers, already moist herself Rebekah took control. Pushing both hands firmly against his chest she freed herself. Leaving him panting and desperate for more. Turning her back to him, exposing that naked bottom she spoke. "Come on Jakey ... I've made something special for dinner" Leading the way into the kitchen, she paused for him to catch up. Pouring the wine into two waiting glasses on the table she turned again. Facing him, reaching up, loosening and removing his tie. Unbuttoning his top button and sliding the jacket from his body. "Lets help you unwind a little shall we" Pushing him down into the chair Rebekah stood behind, massaging his shoulders. Firmly but gently easing away the stresses of the day. Moving deftly around the front she straddled his lap. His face pressed between her two full pert breasts. Jakes hands rose up to touch but Rebekah caught them in her own hands before he had time to touch. "You must be hungry, shall we eat?" Teasingly she asked. "I'm hungry for you woman, your driving me wild"
"All in good time hunny, my time. Now lets get this food sorted"
Leaving his lap Rebekah moved over to the cooker, delicately bending over. Legs slightly parted so the fullness of her bottom and outline of her pussy could be seen clearly. Unable to resist Jake grabbed her from behind and pushed her back onto the table. His hands unfastening the apron as he did. Her skin so soft to the touch. She smelled devine. His hands slid gently over her breast. Touching each one, squeezing gently before taking each hardened rosebud nipple in turn into his mouth as his hand glided lower.
"Wait, we haven't eaten. This isn't part of my plan, I will punish you for this if you don't stop right now"
"Punish me later baby, there's no way I'm stopping now"
Pulling her legs high onto his shoulders and her buttocks to the edge of the table he unfastened his trousers one handed as he rubbed her clit with the other. She was so wet. He knew he was spoiling her plan. But what a prick tease. He couldn't wait. His thick hard cock already moist with precum sprang from its confines and without hesitation or warning he thrust it hard and deep inside her. Rebekah gasped. The sensation so amazing. So intense. As he gripped her tight and rammed harder and harder into her. The fast frantic animalistic need for sex overwhelmed them both. There on the dining table, the wine spilling over, they both reached the first peak of the night. Jakes convulsion rocking his body as his hot cum exploded deep inside her as her internal orgasm clenched his cock tight and milked him for every drop. Breathless and panting the stared deep at each other.
"Your in big trouble now, you disobeyed a direct order, you will have to be punished you know" Rebekah huskily teased.
"Bring it on, I can handle whatever you got to give out sweetheart and you know it" Jake challenged in reply. Putting her apron back on and tying it loosely again Rebekah bent into the oven. Checking the content she turned the heat to low.
"I'm not hungry yet, we'll eat in a while. Come lets get you more relaxed" Taking him by the hand, leading him slowly upstairs. Knowing he was watching her arse wiggle as they went she swayed  it just that little bit more. Reaching the bathroom she pushed open the door and guided him inside. Slipping out of the apron and standing there naked in front of him. Turning she powered up the shower then returned her focus to jake. Unfastening the remainder of the shirt buttons hands sliding around under the fabric and caressing his back as she shrugged the shirt from his back. Lowering her hands to his waistband. Pressing her breasts hard against his chest she unfastened his trousers and slipped her hands inside. Cupping his firm buttocks in her hands and squeezing as she slid his trousers and shorts down. Running her hands down the backs of his legs as she lowered the trousers further. Dropping to her knees her tongue lapped at his cock. Licking his balls as she moved lower still. Encouraging him from his trousers and over to the shower. Stepping under the hot torrents of water their naked bodies came together as one. Pouring soapy liquid into her hands she slowly began to lather up every part of his body. Pressing her own close their bodies sliding against each other. Rubbing and caressing each other. Pushing herself against the coldness of the tiles and pulling him close she took his mouth in hers. Tongues battling together tasting each other his hands teasing her nipples as she could feel his cock hardening between thighs. Pushing against her wetness. Eager to push in deep. His fingers probed her deeply. Curving round finding her Gspot as he massaged her clit. Feeling her tightening around his fingers. He lifted her up the tiles. Lowered her down on to the length of shaft she clenched around him as he thrust in deep. Their glistening silky bodies sliding against each other as the water danced over their bodies. Speed and pace increasing jake forced her harder up the tiled wall as his orgasm began to build. Panting and groaning with pleasure as he held her body still so she could feel each contraction of his cock inside her as he spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum burst from his cock deep into her. Her body quivered against him as she felt it. Tightening her grip of him. Nails digging into his flesh as she desperately absorbed every twitch of his cock. Spent Rebekah laid her head on his shoulder as he held her close. Water splaying over their bodies as they caught their breath. Her breast pressed hard against him as he lowered her back to the floor. Arching her round under the torrents jake soaked her hair. Hands working into the luscious lengths soaping and washing it clean. He loved her hair it was a glorious mane and felt like strands of silk in his fingers. Rinsing them both clean of suds he reached for the towels. Warmed from the heat of the radiator he wrapped them both tightly. Drying herself thoroughly Rebekah reached into the cupboard retrieving a sexy black and red basque and stockings and began adorning herself as jake looked on. Pushing him from the bathroom Rebekah urged jake through to the bedroom. The scarlet rose petals a strong contrast against the black satin sheets. Low light and scented burning candles creating a wonderful atmosphere. Surveying the scene in awe he wasn't prepared for Rebekah's next move. Pushing him firmly down onto the bed. Rolling him over and straddling him as amazed he stared up at her. Swiftly with ease she raised his hands above his head. Tying a scarf around each wrist to secure him to the bed. Swivelling around her naked buttocks pressed against his chest she spread his legs and secured each ankle in the same way. Rubbing her moist shaven pussy against him so he could feel the heat radiating from her. Rising higher until she could feel her pussy against his lips she writhed against him. Taking his hard cock deep into her mouth and gently cupping and caressing his balls as she did. Rolling her tongue around its wet tip as she thrust it deeper down her throat. Groaning in pleasure and need Jakes tongue licked and teased the small bud just above him. Hands tied it was all he had to use. Diving it deep into her hole time after time before going back to tease her bud. The pace of her mouth quickening on his cock he knew she was close, he was to. Could feel her hardened nipples against him her hot wet mouth creating wave upon wave of magical sensations down his shaft. There was no restraint, no way to hold back. His cock exploding deep in her mouth. Twitching and thrusting. Her tongue lapping at his tip. Rolling, teasing, tasting all his cum. His tongue deep inside her he could feel her clench. Tightening around him. Sliding it back over to her clit and teasing it more she to reached he peak. Screaming his name in delight as her creamy juices began to flow over his face. He wanted to taste them all. To drink them down. To have scent and taste on his lips. Before he could indulge any longer she raised to her feet. Standing tall over his restricted body. Staring down at him as he stared up at her. The black stocking tops moist from her cum. Nipples popping out of the cups on the basque. Skin so pale against the dark fabric. Fingers moving lower. Sliding between her thighs and searching the moistness of her hole. Curling her fingers for maximum impact and grazing her clit with her thumb she danced above him. Hips revolving and pelvis swaying as again she bought herself to peak. Hot sweet juices squirting from her all over his chest. An amazing sight and an amazing feeling. Squatting down just above him Rebekah slowly began to massage her juices into his bare chest using just the lips of her pussy. Leaning forward taking his mouth to hers with a deep a d desperate passion. Tasting his cum on her and her cum on him the kiss deepened. Alarm bells began squealing and shrieking in her head. Breaking the moment. Eyes locked together. Dinner!! The oven !! Flying from the bed and racing from room Rebekah tore down the stairs to the kitchen. Smoke bellowed from the oven as she kicked open the door grabbing a towel and pulling the charred remains of what was there dinner onto the table. "Bekka. Bekka. " The impatient shouts came from upstairs. "Damn it woman. Get up here and untie me" Throwing open the window and silencing the smoke alarm Rebekah made her way upstairs laughing to herself at jakes continuing shouts from the bed where he was still tied. "Panic over hunny. The flames of our passion have burnt the dinner but no harm done. Now do you want me to untie you, or you still hungry for more." She teased as she removed the basque to reveal her naked flesh. "Compromise," he replied "Untie me. I'll show you how hungry I still am, I see toys and oils, you've yet to enjoy desert"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1914824