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A look at my mind and what I believe is important
Blood runs down my window of pain

I look outside at its sweet rain

Never have I seen more misery

Never have I seen less caring

People go about from one day to the next



Living with regret

Each wonders if this day is their last

As they watch one more hour past

Lashing out at those that do not conform

They themselves to scared to leave the norm



Living on regret

Each day their pain over shadows their joy

They go back once more to the promises made to annoy

Promises broken every one

But still they ask

Still they come



Another day

Science, religion, preachers, teachers

Each tell you what to think and say

And each has let you down

They know not the way

Freedom means responsibility for what you do

Give up that responsibility

Give up the right to choose

Each day

Every way

Mind what you mind, think what you thought

Live each moment different from what you were taught

Make you your own mind

Find your own path



Each first and each last

One day you will know which is true

But for now

For today

It is up to you

Believe what you believe

And let others do the same

Only this way

Will we ever gain

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