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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Detective · #1914910
Understanding the creative process..
        "Okay.. Does anyone have a copy of the script?"
      Detective Munch queries a.k.a Belzer.

          "Do you still work here?" quips Mariska a.k.a Detective Benson.

      "Yeah. I'm here to wax your mustache." Belzer retorts.

      "Your funny. Maybe, you should go visit Maloni in retirement."
      Mariska growls, flexing her star power.

          Someone hands Belzer his script. He smirks~
      "I might have known. I have two scenes and your not in them."

      "I'm the star and your the furniture. Get used to it."
      Mariska smirks back and sips her tea. She begins to gag.
      Then, drops to the floor unconscious.

          Belzer nudges her with his right foot.
      "Great. Now I'm the prime suspect. Could somebody get
      some help?"
      The studio is full of people, but they all assume the two actors
      were rehearsing .+

        "What did you do to her?" Ice-t axes.

        "What the Hell are you doing with a hatchet?" Belzer queries.

        "It's the murder weapon. Didn't you read the script?" Ice-t shakes his head.

        "Sure! You get a copy before me!" Belzer curses and snatches Mariska's
        script from the unconscious diva.
        "Probably scratched out my two scenes." Belzer grumbles.

        Mariska sits up and snatches it back.
        "I was rehearsing a scene!" she barks.

        Stephanie Marsh walks over in a body stocking,
        "I don't think Dick is well." she sighs and lies on the floor
        beside Mariska.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1914910