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by Vanesa
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1914930
Landon must join a group of unusual people to protect a key he is in possession of.
Landon Beckett wants to start all over.

Since witnessing the death of his mother as a young boy, he hasn’t been able to cope well. The lack of support from his uninvolved father has led him to make a series of bad decisions that only landed him in rehab at home. It left him tired and empty, with a haunting past and plaguing memories. Landon wants to forget everything. He wants a new start.

But when a simple doctor’s appointment goes wrong, Landon is introduced rather brusquely to his redemptory chance. He meets Linda, a young girl part of an unusual group of people that work to protect a key he is in possession of. For Landon, this key is a necklace that his mother gave him before she died but now something he learns that two powerful men are after, for the treasure it leads to is no gold and coins. Landon is suddenly faced with a critical decision to make. He must join this group in fighting a war that has been raging behind the scenes for a long time and, consequently, become the spark of hope he never thought he would ever be. Of course, it isn’t easy. In the process, secrets about himself begin to unveil, not to mention the package has danger written all over it. But it’s the perfect second chance. The perfect new start.

Flight is a young adult novel brimming with the action and darkness of fantasy and the passion of life and love today. It is an epic story in which the unlikeliest of people gets a chance to become something more than what he is, as he uncovers the hero within.

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