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Author's Note: This is some free verse I wrote in 15 minutes in the summer of 2010.
Always There, Not For You

By: Mark Mc Lemore
June 2010

(Note: I wrote this after abandoning my trailer and running like Hell from my home town of Sparta, Michigan. I found recovery by going to college, gardening, and returning to my old escape route- WRITING. So you can only imagine my joy to find this site; another place, another tool, for my continual recovery from vices only evil. Enjoy.)

I am the one you left behind, the one who was always there for you,
I got you through your good days, and was there even on the blue.
You can not say you do not love me as you push me aside,
For in me you found comfort when you needed to run and hide.
You can not say that I ever loved you, because your death I always seek,
I was there for you when you were strong and I made you very weak.
What happened to you? Why did you push me away?
I thought you would love me until your dying day!
I want answers, because I never gave them to you,
You just turned to me when happy or even black and blue.
I am the reason you have to live like this, now you cold shoulder me,
But remember when you look over that shoulder; There I will be!
I am forever in your mind, since no longer in your veins,
Pray I do not come to you when this world gives you pains.
As I will hunt you everyday, make my presence known.
And I pray one day I can climb back upon that throne.
I want to rule over your life again, my long time friend.
I will always have a voice, but you choose in the end.
Can you hear me now, I know you can, I whisper in your mind,
"Come back to me, and love me, so I can shorten your lifetime."
Forever I will haunt, and I hope you find no higher power,
Because one day, in one minute in some coming hour,
I will open up my arms for you, open big and wide,
Embrace you so damn deeply, toss you side to side,
And in your very essence, you'll feel me gain control,
And recklessly you'll become, as I torment your soul!
So you better keep on running, and pray you never stop,
Because if you do I'll catch you, back in your life I will drop.
I don't want what's best for you, I want onlookers to have no power,
So remember, I will be there that one day, in the minute of that hour.
Will you exalt me again? You know, just like old days?
This time I promise you, I will make your life one big haze.
Please! I beg of you don't leave me here in the cold!
I only want what's best for you, to take down your soul!
Do not get strong, do not have any control over me,
Since now you tasted me you can never truly be free.
Always, waiting, growing stronger day by day,
Please quit thinking that bettering yourself will keep me back,
Remember you were mine, I wait in shadows to attack,
The stronger you become, the more fierce I will grow to be,
Because the stronger you become, the less desire you have for me.
Just keep me in mind the next time life has got you down,
Because I will be there for you, to bury you in the ground!
I am the beast around the corner, waiting to pounce back in your life,
Forever you will know me as ADDICTION, the one who gifted you with strife!

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