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I do not own any of theses characters except Alexis. Story started, unfinished.
Alexis walked through the hall of her home, she was in search of the one person that understood her.

“DAD!?!?” She screamed at the top of her lungs from the foyer.

Immediately her father came running down to her, his long blonde hair was streaming behind him as he reached his daughter.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quickly as he caught his breath, coming to a quick halt in front of her.

“When are you bringing Draco and I to Hogwarts?”

“Tomorrow morning, and I’m not bringing you. Snape is coming for the night, we are having a party.”

Alexis sighs quietly and then has a brilliant idea, “Can I bring Draco to Diagon alley to help me pick out a new dress for the party daddy?”

“How about you take this money and go yourself, Draco is with Pansy today. She will be coming over tonight for the party.”

“Ugh, why do you let him bring her over and parade her around?”

“She is his girlfriend Alexis, he is your older brother, it is their last year at Hogwarts together, please be nice.”

“Fine. I’ll be back in time for the party.”

“I wouldn’t have you being late of course, now you go spend all that money, and get yourself a little extra from the safe. Get a dress and get yourself a little treat, on me.”

“Thanks daddy!” Alexis said before walking toward the fireplace. She threw floo powder into the fireplace and stepped inside.

“DIAGON ALLEY!” she yelled before disappearing.

When she arrived in Diagon Alley she headed towards the bank, she pulled out some extra money, not much because she didn’t want her father to get angry at her.

She then headed over to the dress store to look for a nice dress for the party that evening, she knew exactly what she wanted and she found it relatively quickly in the large store. It was a deep green dress with a little glitter on it. It was floor length and she knew that her black high heels would go perfect with it.

After her shopping spree she headed home to start getting ready, the party only a few hours away. She showered first, this left her two hours to get ready. She looked up different hair styles and picked a cute one which required a french braid. She picked up her wand and started it, happy that she could use magic for this. Once her hair was finished she picked up her comb and slowly sprayed hairspray, pushing back the stray pieces of hair. She pulled out her makeup drawer of her vanity, digging through to find the perfect shade of eyeshadow, the perfect eyeliner and the perfect mascara.

She was still very pale so she applied some light blush and smiled at her reflection, she looked pretty gorgeous, she would make a wonderful impression for her father. Everyone would love her. She danced around a little to some music and pulled out her dress, sliding it on with only 15 minutes left, she brushed her teeth and slid on her shoes, knowing her and Draco would be entering the party together down the grand staircase as they always had done.

There was a soft knocking on the door and there stood my brother, right on time as usual. All the guests would have arrived by now and of course he was wearing a boutineer, I couldn’t believe my parents did this to us. She smiled at her brother and laced her arm with his gently.

“How was your day with Pansy?” She asked softly, trying to make small talk as they walked through the halls to the grand staircase.

“Ehh, it was alright, uneventful for sure. I can’t wait until we’re done with school so we don’t have to hang out on such a weird schedule.”

That was the most honest thing he had ever said. She could tell, right then from his words, that he loved her. Even if he didn’t say the words, she knew that’s what he was feeling. She let out a soft sigh and smiled.

“Let’s show off Dray, this is our last party until our graduation party. Let’s make it special! You’ve got Pansy, once we get down these stairs, go find her and be with her. This was cruel of mom and dad, knowing you were hanging out with her. Take her out to the garden, it’s rather romantic on the evening of a party.” She nudged him a little and smiled.

“You’re right Lexi, thanks. I’ll do that. And if she enjoys it, I’ll maybe even thank you later.” She was expecting a smirk but when she recieved a sincere smile she stopped, and smiled back, kissed his cheek softly then looked out at the crowd that was gathered, their parents waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“Left foot first and well... You know.” She laughed softly and put on a smile as they slowly started to descend the stairs together.

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