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by Plato
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A girl is sentenced to endure an unusual, sexual punishment for selling out her boyfriend.

(Also not quite as humorous as the first chapter, though I'll try.)


"Why ME?! Why did this have to happen to me..."

"Capitalist negligence?"

"Shut up!"

Bebe was being forcibly tugged along by a wise-cracking Djinn, a being of fire and wind. The hallway was large and echoey thanks to it's metallic walls and the long string of lights above her head...the corridor would lead to her judging, and she knew the end result.

Being led through a set of double doors, she was placed down onto a chair by Bartimaeus, who stepped back and allowed the handcuffed Bebe to move her hair out of her eyes so she could look up at the beings that were looking DOWN at her from the large podiums that surrounded her.

"Do you know WHY you're here?" The first person asked. Half of them were Covenant members, those of the Vore Clan who now outnumbered those that sought to devour innocents upon the Earth. The Covenant planned to erect a "Lazarus Effect" which would ensure that those that died, killed quickly or suddenly or EATEN...would come back to life immediately, or at least very soon. At first they'd been outnumbered and outgunned by the other Vore Clan members, but thanks to help from the Earthlings they'd been "dealing" with the crueler members of the Vore Clan and converting other members of the Clan to their side.

But there were problems. Some Vore Clan members tried to trick humans into thinking they were their FRIENDS, that they could be trusted...only to later devour the humans or send the humans to be eaten by associates of theirs. That was the second biggest problem.

The BIGGEST problem were the human sympathizers to the Vore Clan members. The ones that happily sold their friends and family out for their own safety...or for their own personal gain. Some got OFF on seeing their best friend vanish down a snake's gullet, or seeing their mother or father get absorbed into a blob.

These human sympathizers were harshly dealt with by the Judges, a party of 13. At the head of them was Justice Staccato, who was one of the most beloved AND hated of the Vore Clan members because though he didn't EAT anybody, he sentenced many to their fates, be they good or evil.

Usually they were ironic. Poetic. Especially if the person being sentenced didn't seem to show remorse.

"So Mr. Henry, you wanted to get rid of your wife so you could go away? And be among the pines? Fine, you can be among the pines...WHISPERING PINES!"

"AAA! No, wait..."

"What size straitjacket do you think he is?"

"Hmm...I'd guess medium-small..."

It didn't matter if they were male OR female though.

"So you wanted to "hang with your homies", you...HO?! Well FINE...we can arrange for that, for you AND your horrid co-conspirators!"

Their bodies were later put on display, knocking together like they were metallic balls on a string. Every time the wind blew, one body knocked into another and the kinetic force was transferred, forcing other bodies to knock and so they went back and forth, back and forth, tongues sticking out as people pointed and stared at the treacherous fivesome that had fed all of their boyfriends to giant cockroaches.

"So, you like plants, do you?"


"Well, I've got just the punishment. Ever heard the term "Tree-Hugger"?"

THAT woman had done more than hugging a tree. She'd been stuffed into an Ent's bowels to be turned into nourishment for it's roots, serving her right for chopping up her dog and cat AND her husband to turn them into fertilizer for an plant-like alien.

Bebe wondered what HER punishment would be. She looked up at Judge Staccato, who intently gazed down behind his green mask, which masked his armor. He looked around at the others.

"You pleaded "guilty" when your statement was collected, and all of us, having reviewed your file, find you thusly guilty. Do you have anything to say before I sentence you?" The Justice demanded.

Bebe lowered her red-haired head, shaking it. "No. I did something wrong and deserve to be punished. I shouldn't have been so...so angry with Aaron, I shouldn't have invited that tiger to our home, but being sorry won't bring him back."

"If it is of ANY consolation, we TRIED the Heimlich method. That brutish tiger wouldn't cough him up. By the time we cut the stomach open he had suffocated."

"He broke our good pair of scissors too!"

"Next time, let's just use carving knives!"

The Justice sighed. "Now then, you are sentenced to be vored...a standard punishment. Since, however, you have shown remorse, you are allowed to pick your executioner from our list."

Justice Staccato snapped his silver armor-gloved hands and Bartimaeus handed Bebe a list that she looked over. She saw names that were quite familiar and nervously gulped...then made her choice. "I'll take King." She said quietly.

"Very well. Bailiff Bartimaeus, escort her out while we recess. Bring her to King's room then head back to the prison to bring in the next criminal..."




...Bebe was now naked, stripped of clothing before King, who calmly took one hand in his three-digited, clawed hand while another held her back gently, leading her deeper into his room. It was a warm room, with a large, comfy-looking bed that had drapes on it...an ENORMOUSLY large bed, in fact, to matchi his equally large, blue-painted room. There were jungle trees carved into the walls at the top and bottom of the room, and as King laid her on the bed, looking her over, she noticed that the shading of his hair matched the light shading of the walls.

King was one of the "nicer" members of the Vore Clan. He could have a cruel wit sometimes, but for the most part was tender and sweet. It was rumored he had a harem of girls who had been caught in the middle of making deals with Vore Clan members who had, in exchange for their lives, given up their freedom to become his sex slaves...which seemed to be quite a popular choice. He was rumored to be-

He took his clothes off and Bebe's eyes went WIDE. The rumors were TRUE! No wonder so many girls caught conspiring wanted to be his sex slaves. It looked thick and harsh. Even though his golden eyes glittered with a dark light and his voice hissed slightly, all it took was a touch...a gentle kiss on the forehead...you knew he was on of the kindest beings in the world.

He was a very, VERY considerate being. He always granted last requests and usually when it came to the women he ate it was that of sex. So he smiled and sat next to her on the bed. "Have you any last requests?" He inquired.

"Could I...could you..." She motioned down at the cock. "Could I taste it? Have it inside me before you eat me?" She asked.

King nodded. "Yes." He agreed, laying her down on the bed and slipping on top, slipping into her. There was a slight squelchy noise as his manhood slipped through into her clit, but she didn't fight back at all as he stroked her neck and her hair, hissing in a soothing manner, going in and out, pleasing her...

Soon he was up to her body which was quivering in pleasure, and she was panting heavily, feeling his cock vibrate heavily inside her. It felt so...so GOOD! Soon it sent out an explosion of cum that filled her womanhood and made her gasp in pleasure, throwing her head back, and she looked deep into King's eyes as he smiled and nodded. "It's time." He crooned to her.

Her death was here. He leaned backwards, allowing her to sit up as he transformed...his body stretching and elongating into a gigantic anaconda with glistening scales and beautiful golden eyes. He wrapped his long, thick tail around her, his muscular body covered with sweat from making love to her...

And she saw his manhood had grown. As he lowered her towards it she realized what he intended to do but she didn't fight back. She looked up, nodding happily as her feet sank into a musky, slimy shamber and his tail let go. She shimmied down it, slipping in deeper and deeper, her breasts making visibly plump lumps in his manhood. Soon only her head remained outside of his thick cock, and the cumslit opened wider, allowing gravity to help her slide in all the way. Slurping up her hair like a piece of spaghetti, the cock engulfed her fully and she slid down the giant anaconda's chamber, as cum rose around her.

The giant snake had her within his cock and he was pleased, stroking it with his tail as she felt the cum rise in her, filling her body. An orgasm built in her, one she knew she couldn't...and didn't WANT...to stop and she threw her head back in a final gasp before the cum filled her body, numbing her and her body became white and clumpy before it finally sloshed around his manhood, becoming cum that filled his cock and balls.

Transforming back to normal, King rested on the bed, cupping his ballsack with his clawed hands and sighing. No, he didn't have his clothes on at the moment...he was "too sexy for his shirt" right now.

He preferred this method of eating female humans. They were dissolved into his little soldiers, becoming DNA that he used later on to impregnate the most worthy of his harem members...those that showed kindness and love and remorse for their past cruelty. The others would eventually either become cum as well or become meals, depending on their actions.

He smiled at the thought of a girl who he had no doubt would pass the final test he required of all his harem girls. She had made a deal out of anger and had tried to make friends with other members of the harem, showing compassion and kindness towards all the new members. She had even offered herself up to be used for sex in the place of those that were too frightened of King to get into bed with him.

He'd introduce the cum that Bebe's body had made into this girl, Joan. She'd be honored with bearing his child, a child that would be taught to love and forgive, to show compassion towards all beings no matter what they looked like or how they acted. After impregnating a girl he let them go and they would go off to raise their child. He'd check in on them many times after that...and always be proud of his choices in women.

"Yesssss." He thought out loud, stroking his cock. Bebe had been a red-head and so he'd be able to look forward to having a red-haired son or daughter. Maybe, if Joan was particularily ripe, BOTH. "Yessss, I DO have such FINE taste in women..." He mused. Too bad about that other one, Gloria. He'd had hopes for her, she had begun to show remorse but she kept allowing Joan to take her place in sex...this revealed she was cowardly.

Though perhaps, with some nudging, he could take care of that.


The phone rang. He picked it up. "Yes?" He inquired.

"We have a problem..."

"What sort of problem?" He asked.

"Some of the inmates escaped..."

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