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A poem I wrote about society and how I feel about the way people look at others.
Do you see that woman with her child,
Huddled on that bench?
The ragged clothes, with tears in the seams that are bigger than an inch
You close your eyes, shake your head, look away and think she chose this path
Never considering maybe she ran from a man's wrath
You don't look close enough to see the bruises covering the side of her cheek
You don't know she ran for the life of her child, but you see her as weak
You get in your car and your drive away not giving her a thought
Drive to that hotel, meeting that waitress and hope you don't get caught
Your cell phone rings, the annoying buzz you irritably slap away
Did you know it was your wife, calling to say I love you and the kids had a good day
As you journey home you stop for a bite to eat
Drop a quarter in the Salvation Army bucket and think your duty's complete
Your car breaks down in a neighborhood that you don't know
You curse and yell because your shoes might get scuffed and you bought them two days ago
You look around and see the buildings all broken down and shake your head in disgust
A young man stops to help,
You look at him with scathing eyes before shooing him away like dust
So you continue to curse because the walk is farther than you wanted to go
You pass a man who asks you for some change, and you quickly shake your head no
Knowing you have five hundred dollars in your wallet,
And more money in the bank than you can spend
But you choose not to give, to watch suffering instead, and think your actions you can defend
We reap what we sow
We get what we bestow
We are a product of what we do
Someone's judging you too
Tired of walking you see a group of boys and quietly ask for assistance
Didn''t count on meeting resistance
When slowly they begin to stand
Reaching out their hands
Ask you what you need
Judging you indeed
What can you give us in return they ask?
You reply, "nothing, just handle the task"
The friends look from one to another anger on their face
You miss the cue, as you encourage them to pick up the pace
They knock you down, and take everything you possess
Many walk by, look at you and turn their head to your distress
Isn't it a bitch to be ignored when you're in need
Maybe that will teach you there's more to life than greed
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