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Create a life changing event taking place for the CC.
This piece is missing a "new" supporting character sketch in that my supporting characters (Briar and Tris) already exist in this world. I suppose the spy is considered a SC also...but I minimized his influence in this particular vignette so as to concentrate on Donieal's reaction, not just to the spy but to the decision the spy's presence forces him to make. This also made it easier....simpler to focus on my CC's change (which I still don't think is evident enough in this one sketch).
For this vignette I highlighted in red the section that I think best responds to this weeks checklist (minus the SC sketch and synopsis).
Sidenotes: wish I hadn't mentioned the CC's name so much, but other than using 'he', which could be confused with the two other males in the scene, I wasn't sure how to describe him. I also took some liberties at the end when attempting to describe the color of the spy's eyes without saying "deep blue" every time.

Briar Character Sketch  
Tris Character Sketch  
"PE #1 for EWW
The doors of the study blew in with the force of a strong gale wind. Papers and small books flew around in a miniature tornado that could only be brought on by Tris' insurmountable anger. Donieal appeared to remain calm and collected, as placid on the outside as an undisturbed lake surface. Internally, his emotions raged on; to kill or not to kill, how was he even faced with these questions? As the papers and debris settled, Donieal took in the sight of his would be capturer. The empress' spy wore all black, down to his soft soled boots and flexible sheepskin gloves. His dark hair was cropped close to his head and his skin was sun tanned. He was much darker than the average Namornese, leading one to believe he could easily be a trader or nomad simply passing through. He had no discernible facial features, everything about him would be easily forgotten, except, his eyes. He had deep cobalt eyes that were currently boring into Donieal with a vengeance born of deep seated rage. A rage Donieal was sure came from a sense of loss and longing; loss of the opportunity to deliver a nature mage to Her and the longing to grasp something so close, yet so far. Donieal refused to engage in a stare down with those sapphire eyes, he was afraid the spy would see his indecision there, his weakness. Instead his gaze fell on the thorny green vine currently gagging the captive and encircling his body from throat to directly below the knee. This would be Briar's work, the spikes of the vine were all pointed outward, not skewering the victim but close enough to pose an unrelenting threat should Mr. Spy attempt to free himself. The plant mage in question was the first to speak.

"Hey there Don, we ran into this gentleman as he attempted to steal you from your personal sleeping quarters. Imagine his surprise when the one in your bed turned out to be me and my vines."

"He won't speak to us," spoke Tris, the weather witch "Even under threat of... coercion." Donieal knew what she meant. The lightning usually held captive in her braids was currently encircling her head. It was easily deduced that they had done little in the way of scaring the man into divulging his secrets. Though the group was all but positive as to the mans reason for staging Don's kidnapping. He was sent by Berenene, the Namornese Empress to reacquire a member of her court. A member who just recently showed himself as the most unique, and possibly powerful, mage of his kind to exist these past three hundred years. "He's been well trained," continued the red head, her grey eyes focused on Donieal. "The only way for you to remain safe is to either wipe his mind or..."

"No," Donieal said forcefully, finally finding his voice. "We are not killing him."

"Then you know what needs to be done," spat Tris. "I don't enjoy the idea of ending his life either but we can't let him go alive and with his memory intact. He's too dangerous. He knows too much." She was right of course, the court assassin had to be dealt with. Donieal just didn't want to be the one to have to do it. This magic was too new, he didn't know how to completely control it yet. He had only erased one other mind before and that had been by accident. The young girl whose mind he had attempted to soothe in the aftermath of her own personal tragedy had been unintentionally freed of her painful memories. His mistake had resulted in the healing of her mental scars. He knew this to be a positive service for the woman, she would never have to relive that day again.

It felt wrong to consider purposefully invoking that on someone. Who knew what side effects would result from this attempt. Far as any of them knew, this process was irreversible, there would be no going back. Donieal wasn't up to that responsibility, it didn't feel right.

Sensing his distress, Briar walked over and put a reassuring arm around his shoulders. "Think of it this way, you would be helping not only yourself but all those other poor sops that She will be sure to send him after. You aren't the first he's been after and you wouldn't be the last." Something about what Briar said resonated with Donieal. He couldn't absolutely prevent the Empress from exacting her Will; this spy was only one of dozens, possibly hundreds of secretive hired hands. Whatever they did to this man would be a mere drip in the proverbial bucket of humane and decent acts against Her court. Still, wasn't it enough to start somewhere. To prevent others from suffering as he had, as his friends had, as countless others had at the hand of a woman who merely refused to take 'No' for an answer. He had left Namorn so that he could help people. It appeared fate was playing it's usual hand and refusing him that luxury until he first helped those he had left behind. If he didn't even try he was sure the past would continue to hunt him until he faced it and pushed back.

He was done running and tired of hiding behind those braver than he. He wouldn't kill the man, that would make him no better than Berenene, worse even. He would do all he knew how, show he was not one to be trifled with or led around on an invisible gilded leash. He would clear the spy's memory of ever being on this mission then send him back to Her with a message: Allow yourself to forget my existence. Remove all knowledge of mine and my counterparts whereabouts from your information bank or I will personally aid you and all those you send for me in this endeavor.

Resolutely, purposefully, Donieal walked up to the man still encased in Briar's magical vines. To his credit he had yet to utter a sound or move a muscle since he had been deposited in the study by Tris' wind. His deep blue gaze had not lost it's intensity either. The dark irises found Donieal's mild green ones and held them. Donieal did not look away as he took the spy's head in his hands, the three middle fingers of each hand resting on the man's temples. After one last penetrating view into the midnight azure, Donieal closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and concentrated.

Prompt: Create a life changing event taking place for the CC. Show how the CC's want-need-desire is impacted by the life changing event. Show some change from the initial snapshot. Focus on developing the CC's character as demonstrated by his/her actions. Show what the CC is doing to deal with this event. These actions might be misdirected or poor choices; however, this is how the CC operates. Show a vibrancy, the urgency of life rushing past. The reader or audience should recognize where this path is leading (been there, done that) even if the CC doesn't. That is the drama. Will the CC meet his/her aspirations or fail? Show this as a driving force and how it manifests in action. Show how the CC behaves and how this communicates who he/she is. How the CC sets out to resolve the dilemma sends a message to the reader or audience. Show the modus-opperendi, used to deal with the adverse circumstances. Develop a supporting character and create a static item with a "Character Sketch Template" and Prose Synopsis for this character in a separate static item. Link it on your page for this vignette.

Week Three Assignment - EWW  (E)
Week Three Assignment for The Exploratory Writing Workshop
#1830869 by percy goodfellow

Checklist: Use this checklist to be sure you have included all of the vital aspects:

Have you developed a supporting character and created a Character Profile Sketch and Prose Synopsis?
Have you presented a life changing event?
Have you shown how the CC reacts and deals with it?
Is there a vibrancy and urgency to what is happening?
Do we see the want-need-desire acting on the life changing event?
Do we get a sense of character and some change taking place?
Does the audience gain insight into how the CC thinks and operates?
Does the CC perform to character?
Have you linked your static item for the Character Profile Sketch and Prose Synopsis to your vignette item?
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