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Space travelers seek the creator who only came to earth but the demons try to twart them
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Search for the Alien God - By David Flynn


The story that follows is a created as a best guess based on current science and theology regarding the events that could arise if other civilizations were found in space. The sheer vastness of the known universe makes this idea more plausible with each new mission from NASA. Christians, Muslims and Jews all profess to hold to the faith of Abraham and adore God who is credited as the originator of all that is known. For those faiths, any other civilization found in the vast universe must also come from the same God we know here on earth. Christians most notably identify God as “Jesus” who came here in person 2000 years ago. Christians believe Christ’s death on the cross redeemed ALL of creation, meaning even the darkest corners of the universe as yet undiscovered. If that is true, then the firsthand account of salvation and redemption is here on earth alone. As the Jews were a chosen people, the earth is a chosen world. But as surely as all people here and beyond share the same God, so do they share the same demons. These agents of hell have a vested interest in seeing to it that no advanced civilization ever succeeds in leaving the earth to spread the word of God throughout the universe. So they have effectively quarantined the earth. In our story, prophets in distant worlds tell their people that they were passed over, and must travel to earth to get the meaning of everything. So the demons had their ships destroyed in orbit. Finally, one most advanced society that has conquered every mystery of physics sets out to travel to earth. They also have the technology to defend themselves, even from hell itself.
What follows is the story of their search for the Alien God, who is our same Christian God, right here on earth.

How this was made:

The story that follows contains excerpts from a recurring dream that has taken place over twenty years. After a high score on an IQ test as a child, I recall the test examiner telling me that 90 percent of my mind was subconscious. Therefore, its activities were unknown to me. This didn’t sit well with a 13 year old boy, so I decided to spy on my subconscious. I created a plan to set my alarm clock for 2 and 4 AM in the morning and copiously notate what I was dreaming. This story was one that I captured, in part, and it has continued in pieces ever since. Friends I told inspired me to write it all down, which I finally did after assembling the jigsaw of disordered pieces gathered from dreams over the years. Every attempt was made to render accurate science and theology. The book of Enoch was also used as a source for the bad angels names and histories throughout the novel. The bible and works from Catherine of Genoa serve to frame many ideas characterized here. I hope you enjoy “Search for the Alien God,” because for all we know, somewhere in the vastness of space, this may actually be a reality.  
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