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Ops is the consort of Consus
      Consus was the Roman God of counsel.
      At the alter of Consus stood the Circus Maximus.
      These were the chariot races of Consualia.
      Therefore,it is the sign of Sagittarius that Consus commands.
      The Circus Maximus was founded by Romulus, who shared the
      Roman Empire with his brother Remus.
      The famous rape of the Sabine women occurred at the first celebration
      of the Circus Maximus.
      Romulus decreed that Rome needed, "Breeding space."
      and conquered the surrounding provinces.

      Reflections: The root of conscious comes from this Roman God: Consus.
                        Was Romulus in good conscious when he ordered the rape
                        of the Sabine women?

      Ops is the consort of Consus. She is a fertility Goddess connected with
      Saturn and the harvest seasons. She is invoked by touching the earth in
      good conscious. Virgin women were sacrificed to her at the Opalia festival
      December 19 and the Opiconsivia festival of August 25. The virgin blood
      is spilled into the earth for a good harvest.

      Query~ How do we know our God or Gods are of good conscious?




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