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More Commas? Studies in Lesson #3 for Winnie Kay' s New Horizons Writing Academy class
1. The severe drought in Texas requires citizens to use more water. Consequently, the greedy water company raised their rates.(11)

2. George was brought in to maintain order in the class, yet he is distracted by his crush on Pat. (1xe)

3. Chip cries in frustration every time his cable goes out. (13) correct

4. After Bob ate supper, he went to his desk and wrote a poem.(4)

5. He never understood why all his friends had viciously turned against him.(15) correct

6. Mr. Poe was a difficult, stubborn poet. (3)

7. Betty lived in a white log cabin.(4) correct

8. Pat, the leader of Showering Acts of Joy, writes poetry and short stories.(5)

9. The puppies looked guilty, their tails tucked between their legs.(16)

10. The woman who interviewed you is my sister.(6) correct

11. Eureka, you decided to put a comma there.(12)

12. The book that I borrowed from Pat is excellent.(7) correct

13. Bob listens to his teachers without yawning, studies his lessons, and submits his assignments on time.(8)

14. Remarkably, he never understood why all his friends had turned against him.(14)

15. Once upon a time there was a lonely comma in a dark forest.(9x) correct

16. An interesting book was once written explaining the natural habitat of the endangered Comma.(10) correct
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