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Writing Assignment for Lesson#3--"Oh no, more commas!"

Inspiration gives you cause to rejoice in the Lord!

The following assignment has been excerpted from the piece of work, titled "Thy Neighbor's Keeper", already placed in my Portfolio.

          In mid-summer when it is unusually warm, I tend to rise up at dawn, grab a cup of coffee, turn on my computer to take an online journey, and be on my front porch by nine. On one particular day I had napped, soundly, in between tasks, before I walked outside. My cat, Muffin, comes out with me. I leash her up while sitting with books I have currently on my book list. These are page-turner books that I buy or borrow from the library. With my cell phone beside me,getting comfortable on a green-striped glider, it is peacefully serene outside.
          This was the day, while sitting on my front porch, I noticed a multi-yard sale being set up, right in front of my eyes, at around 8 A.M., across from my house. Lots of my neighbors were participating up and down the road. We had chosen not to sell lately, since what I have is much in the way of second-hand goods that I must keep. Already they were all laying out their wares across the street. There are two houses across the road which are well-built and large. That day, I noted my neighbor dragging out boxes and boxes of toys, building bobs, amazing gizmos for children—all to enjoy for those less fortunate who might buy. Of course, these things that are used, are often made well for endless fun. There was smart merchandise under two canvas, large rented tents, that I could see from my porch. A beautiful physical therapist and her husband, an ambulance paramedic owns this house. She was busy pricing goods under the tents, on the lawn, glazed with early dew. Beside her, the next house over, a brilliant younger woman lives by herself, who had books, clothing, as well as an array of antiques to sell in her double-door garage.
          I waited a bit. Finishing a novel titled Cashmere by Elaine M. Vincent, a young writer from Publish America, I placed it on top of Passage To Romance by Denise Sinn, and several other books I had begun. Who could finish anyway on a beautiful day like this? I had quit reading, and I had run into the house to find some money to spend. Having scooped up the books and sticking the cell phone in my pocket, just before that, I cautiously released the leash from Muffin’s red collar. I shushed her into the house, into the kitchen, let go of everything that was in my arms on the table, and cried out to her, Muffin, you incredible ball of joy! She remained in the house, a hoarder of plastic bags and paper boxes, finding toys she meowed at. I couldn't wait to go back outside to look and buy her something.

Here is your overall grade for Lesson #3

Break-down of your grade for this lesson:
30.63-----Exercise - Comma Usage (35% of total grade)
15---------Writing Assign. - Grammar/Guidelines (15% of total grade)
19.23-----Writing Assignment - Comma Usage (25% of total grade)
15---------Discussion - Topic Answers (15% of total grade)
10---------Discussion – Interaction (10% of total grade)
00---------Extra Credit

Overall Grade for This Lesson:
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