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by Plato
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #1915517
Two girly traitors to the human race are gonna pay a big price! Contains breast vore.

"Hey, quick question...why are we doing this thing again?"

A green, strangely insectoid-like alien with green skin made of tiny little reptilian scales was sitting near the top of a library, resting her head on her gloved hand as she blinked her beautiful, sparkly eyes, her "PAK" resting on her back.

Her partner was sitting next to her, and they were taking the "north" and "east" side of the library while their OTHER partners took the "south" and "west" area.

"Because, Tenn, these criminals are DANGEROUS. And deceptive. They're a sneaky bunch."

"So it takes a sneak to catch a sneak, huh? Is that why they sent us?"

"Sneaky AND seductive." Her partner added. She had black and gold armor, with a black helmet over her dark blue/purple skin that showed four glowing red eyes. She licked her fangs with a tongue as she put some dark lipstick on her lips in her claws. "So keep your eyes peeled. Apparently they planned on milking the Vore Clan members they were planning on feeding their lovers to for all they were worth..."

"What kind of favors would they possibly want from the Vore Clan?"

"FAVOR favors." Her Spider-Like Partner remarked, smirking in a slightly naughty fashion.

"...OH." The Irken's eyes widened. "EW!" She stuck her worm-like, segmented tongue out. "Ooh, I see She-Hulk!"

"No, that's just an ordinary person." BlackArachnia insisted.

"No way, that's She-Hulk!" Tenn insisted. "She's GREEN, for Irk's sake!"

"This is NEW YORK, remember?" The Female Transformer snickered.

"...oh...right." Tenn nodded her head.

BlackArachnia extended a claw to her helmet and pressed a button in, activating her "intercom".


"Silver-Haired Guy, how are you holding up?"


"Actually this is Ahinahina. Ol Silver's kind of...wasting time." Ahinahina remarked in an aggravated tone.

"KCCHT! Eagle One to German Dudes from "Die Hard", what is your position, over? KCCHT, This is German Guys, we are splitting up a bazillion dollars in diamonds and primo weed while you freeze your ass up on a roof pretending you've got a walkie-talkie, over. KCCHT!"

"We are the WORST group of law-keepers in the world." Tenn mumbled.

"Hey, wanna know how to get into the future?" The silver-haired SO obvious anti-hero laughed, taking the walkie-talkie from his partner as his black and gold armor glittered in the night.

"I take it you're about to tell us in a snarky fashion?"

"Yep!" Silver sniggered. "Live a very long time! Future will come WITHOUT machine! Ta-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Get it? We're ALL Time Machines!"

"What a TEN PERCENT!!! Fragging..." Trying to get her thoughts OFF of the annoying albino, Tenn's PAK extended a binocular set and Tenn looked through them. "Hmm...AH! I see two of the naughty ladies! Dark brown hair...sisters with nose piercings..."

"Ah, Tiffany and Victoria." BlackArachnia remarked, rubbing her claws together. "Let's get them!"




...Tiffany and Amber's breasts bounced up and down as they rushed from tree to tree, panting. Soon they'd reach the dock, get out to International Waters and, by law, be free of the Covenant of America's jurisdiction. They'd be AFRICA'S problem now, and the people over there had their own s-h-i-t to deal with.

"Just think, in a few minutes, we'll be out of here." Tiffany punched the air with her arms as Amber looked left and right, both hiding in an alley less than a block away from the dock. "SUCK it, judge jackass! See you in my nightmares!"

"Say, whaddya think that "bioroid" robot thingy dreams of, anyhow?" Amber remarked.

"Electric sheep?" Tiffany giggled.

"No, more like what to do with B***HES like YOU!"

The two girls looked up as the spider/humanoid Transformer robot and the Female Irken that was her partner descended from a rooftop above. "KNEW we'd catch up to you sometime! Come quietly and we promise we'll give you a nice cell with a comfy bed." Tenn remarked, stepping forward...

Tiffany, however, was VERY quick. In a single fluid move she ducked down, grabbed a nearby tree branch and then jumped up, smashing it into Tenn's face...HARD. The Irken fell to the ground, groaning...

BlackArachnia hissed and bared her fangs. "I'm not NICE like Tenn, but I'll give you one chance and one chance only to give in..."

"Fat chance! There's two of us and one of you, you freaky robot!" Amber laughed, picking up another stick.

"I'm only HALF robot." BlackArachnia laughed softly. Suddenly two spiked, tube-like appendages shot forward and slammed into the center of their chests, and they hit the ground at the same time, moaning as their bodies stiffened. Fire shot through the girl's bodies, and just when it felt like they would burn up...paralysis set in. The pain stopped...

BlackArachnia advanced, rubbing her claws together. "Now, first thing's first...consider this PUNISHMENT for hurting my partner. Tenn may be annoying sometimes, but I am NOT going to let you get away with hurting her OR with running away from fair punishment."

She lifted Amber up first, then smirked as she quickly raised a claw and cut the girl's top clothing off, then raised the girl's body towards the spot on her armor that was her left breast. A circular, fanged opened up and the moment Amber's left breast was close to it, the circular maw snatched out and sucked her left breast down. Then BlackArachnia repeated this same thing to Amber's right breast, sucking it into HER left breast.

Smirking, she lifted Tiffany up and held the girl's large boobs, one at a time, up to her RIGHT breast and sucked them in as well. "How's THAT for "something off your chest"?!" The transformer/spidergirl snickered. "And now to finish things..."

Amber and Tiffany had FELT "the girls" get absorbed. And now Tiffany watched in horror as Amber was raised up to BlackArachnia's maw and her fangs found her mouth. Amber's body began to shrivel up, and then was SLURPED into the spider-being's maw like spaghetti! Tracing her stomach with a claw, the spider-like transformer looked down hungrily at Tiffany, who began to beg...

"Please, please let me go don't kill me don't kill me, please-"

Futile, though. She was lifted up and the fangs found HER mouth too...she was suddenly aware that her entire body was almost MELTING, her insides sloughing into a thick paste and sucked up into the insatiable maw of BlackArachnia..."Desiccation", wasn't that the term of what was happening to her? Sucked dry...

Her last horrid thought was that her final end was to become a MILKSHAKE for this robotic horror before her body squished into a thick paste that BlackArachnia slurped up. Licking her lips, she rubbed her stomach and smiled as she knelt down by Tenn, lifting her unconscious partner up and into her arms.

She made her way back to the library to find Ahinahina was picking his teeth with a black claw as his stomach bulged...he and his albino partner were sitting on a bench whilst her face was pushed up against the experiment's stomach walls.

BlackArachnia gently placed Tenn on the bench between them and the Irken stirred, moaning. "Ohhhh...what happened? What hit me?"

"Oh, my dinner did." BlackArachnia remarked. "I dealt with them."

"We CAN use lethal force if needed." Silver remarked. "Luckily that one girl over there was smart and gave up." He said, jabbing his thumb at a girl who he'd tied with rope to an oak tree. "Her friend...notsomuch."

"Please lemme out!" The girl's friend begged, her hands making indentations on Ahinahina's stomach. He patted it, pushing her face back into his belly and shook his head.

"No, I don't think I will just yet. Relax, like most of my teammates, I can control my digestion, you're not going to die." He let out a long belch. "At least, not until I want it. Now then, we know that you were a decoy party...you were sent to NYC to throw us off the trail of some real scum. Where did THEY go?"

"Tell us and we'll go easy on you." BlackArachnia said.

"Either you can come out the EASY WAY..." Ahinahina took a long yawn. "Or the HARD way..." He added, clenching his butt muscles.

"And I assure you, there are worse things than being digested in my experimental friend's stomach." Silver laughed. "He can get you out and eat you again. And maybe he digests parts of you. And maybe you're unconscious for it and maybe you're NOT. And OVER and OVER and OVER..."

"I'LL TALK!!!" The girl in Ahinahina's belly screamed.

"That was easy." BlackArachnia remarked.

"Yeah...though I wonder about your friend's mental state." Tenn mumbled to Ahinahina, doing the "crazy" gesture as she glanced at their pale-haired compatriot.
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