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Are we broadcasting ?

                                    The Media Mesmerizes.

    Fish Schithole, had been such a thorough reporter some suspected
    he manufactured demented news.
    Fish, like most people in the media, had been no stranger to psycho
    He imagined himself to be a master magician and his microphone
    was his instrument from Hell.
    Fish sat eating a baked potato, bored with nothing to do he decided
    to catch a train.
    The subway rode out of the tunnel and onto the elevated rail.
    How mysterious the city looked at night.
    He believed himself to be a demigod wandering the city in search
    of a story.
    Fish concentrated on the nexus of his desires.
    The sound of the tracks passing and the flicker of the subway car's lights
    heightened his senses.
    Fish looked at himself slumped in his bench.
    He was deep in his mantra.

                                    The annunciation to Fish.

    It was a cold night.
    Fish could feel a shiver in his earth bound body.
    His spirit was still connected to his body through a long silver thread.
    A group of young men got on the train and stood over Fish.
    Fish remembered the sliver string could snap him back into his body
    if he felt threatened.
    He wanted to watch.
    One of the young men picked his wallet and another took his suede coat.
    They laughed as they punched Fish off the bench.
    A young man remarked that, "This sucker is wasted."
    Fish concentrated and an undercover officer arrested the young men.
    The officer had entered the subway car through the pullman's door.
    He had been watching from the connecting car.
    The Officer identified himself as Angelo Dennis.
    He radio in that Fish was dead.+

                                    Vanity is fleeting.

    Fish summoned his body.
    The silver thread instantly pulled his spirit back.
    Fish took a deep breath and rose to his feet.
    Without a moments hesitation he took out his tape recorder
    and interviewed the the startled officer.
    Fish had mounted a small video camera from the hand railing
    opposite his bench.
    He asked the bearded officer for a comment.
    "This is your Hell." the officer replied.
    Everything about Fish faded into a sulfur stench void of flames.
    He remembered the bomber he had refused to name.
    He would never forget it.

    Sini da.

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