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This poem is filled with symbolism, the title another tribute to Baudelaire.
There as lilacs pale and sweet
We stained our hue to purple feat,
Under the holy blossom lime,
Shielded from all vile time,

Away from tools and heavy care,
In golden rays and ancient air
Together, our virtue was delay.
Sadly away that beauty day

Has come, passed, as if to say,
The petals have fallen, forever rest,
Echoing the silence within thy chest.
Your awesome, mighty, blooming green

Drew an audience of gods unseen.
We made sure amaranth jealously burn,
And marigolds reflect our bed and turn
In mallow dreams and rosemary nights.

I find myself clothed in ruing plight,
In foolish talk of lilies blood drawn.
Aged trees observe stiff with a yawn
Resting upon our most sacred site

When love and evil together alight,
Freed me from Queen Nature’s delight;
Replaced her twigs with royal wreath,
Ordained your guiding wisp, my sweet.

May the dainty dryads dance of your song!
Selfish and stupid that I should long
For I share thee now upon all rebel land
From prideful stone to barren sand.

Dance within the water’s sparkle,
Wait for me, listen for my violet call!
As the creeping willow tenderly pines,
This battlefield meadow grimly sighs.

Here, my dear, our love lies bleeding,
Soft and trodden, its secret fleeting.
Searched on high, looked deep below,
Lost my thorny wand, with azure glow.
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