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Hell plans to destroy the humans; Heaven entrusts ten angels and a human boy to stop him.

"Get me more."

Hell tossed back his tenth helping of rotten souls, feeling no more fearsome or awful than when the meal began. Unacceptable. He had demanded only the most tainted souls and could vouch for their filthiness, but he grew no stronger.

"How can I get more souls?"

Hell normally preferred quality over quantity, but that obviously didn't result in what he wanted. The more evil Hell consumed, the better he felt. It seemed only obvious, now that he thought about it, that searching for only completely stained souls, when he could simply devour every one in sight, was a complete waste of time. But, alas, souls came less and less frequently to the under world nowadays; the humans' life span only lengthened as Hell grew hungry. A way to get many souls quickly must be made.

"Answer me!"

The smoke billowing from his mouth amused Hell, and when one of his subordinates' voices came from behind it he almost burnt her to ash for speaking out of turn.

"Well, Mister Hell, um, sir. Humans have very little strength. They have soft, fleshy bodies and no powers at all. Mister Hell could kill them and take their souls easily."

Hell had not thought of this. It never occurred to him to simply take what he wanted, which didn't set a very evil example. Embarrassed about this blunder of his, Hell quickly sent the demon girl flying into the pits of fire behind him.

"Alright, everyone. Gather the greatest souls and bring them here. We're going to attack the Earthlings."

Hell took a large lump of earth from beside his thrown and constructed a shape close to what he remembered humans' to be. Feeling very excited about this new plan and a trip to Earth, Hell picked a soul from the moaning pile gathering at his feet, and inserted it into the doll. The figure began to move and Hell decided he'd very much enjoy destroying Earth.


"What is it, my child?"

Heaven placed her hand upon the angel's cheek.

"Heaven-Sama," this child, a young, Asian beauty, cowered whilst holding the message. Heaven would be upset upon leaving this one. He was a splendidly cute angel, "the scouts have noticed mysterious movements in the underworld. Hell may be up to something."

Taking the letter in her hands, Heaven drew closer to the young angel. "Thank you. It was very brave of you to bare this news. Bless you, my child, and do not worry. You will be safe."

The young man began to cry and Heaven smiled for his purity. He really was a delightful thing.

"Go now, you will be summoned again shortly, but go."

Heaven handed the letter to her aid. "Brief the guardians. Have them meet here in an hour, and send some sweets to Tetsu, he won't want to show the others red eyes."

"Yes, Milady."

Heaven often felt bad for Hell, as he couldn't know true love or compassion in the under world, but humans were precious to both of them. Hell built his throne off of human bones and fed on malicious souls. Heaven's city could only remain as long as the humans continued to pray. Although Hell may be able to live on sometime after the humans die off, Heaven would loose her kingdom, and the angels their home.

Hell had really gone too far, but Heaven was confident that she could stop him.

With all ten of the guardian angels gathered and kneeling before her, Heaven's confidence only grew. Even if left alone, they would guide their city to victory.

"Raise your heads, my children."

"Milady," a trustworthy child by the name of May spoke up. Heaven had found this child without parent or friend in the city. She was a strong girl who worked very hard to become a guardian. She and Heaven had grown very close over the years, and May would often come to Heaven's castle with a chess set and they would talk and play for hours, "What's going on, Milady? Why is Hell trying to exterminate the humans?"

"A lady doesn't yell, May, unless she intends to make a dramatic effect."

"… Yes, Milady."

Heaven stood from her throne. "Do not worry, my children. Hell will not prevail. He is bored and unsatisfied, so he intends to take it out on the humans. But Hell grows tired of things easily, and will most likely stray from his plan. Even if hunger brings him back, the process will be slowed greatly. Gathering the necessary power for destroying the world will take time, and Hell knows that. Human's themselves may be frail, but the world they've built is not. As long as we make the right preparations, we will win the war."

"What do we need to do, Heaven-Sama?"

"Improve yourselves, my sweet angels. I gathered you today to make sure you will all train hard and guide the new generation to be as honorable as you. I ask you to take my power, and hone your skills. Become fine soldiers in my absence."

"Absence? Heaven-Sama, where are you to go when your city needs you most?"

Really, such a sweet child.

"I will go to Earth, for the time being."

It pleased Heaven very much to see her ten most beloved children showing such lovely, worried expressions. She would miss them terribly.

"I will return, but not in this form. I will split my power between you all, and — quiet, please, I wish for you all to hear my remaining words — I will transfer my soul to a human child. He has already been chosen, and will be a vessel for my soul while it regains power through the world's spirit. I ask you all to guide this child, and keep him safe, as my powers will not awaken until they are ripe. He will be a frail human like any other until wartime comes. He will be young, and likely not take well to the situation, but I know you all will work things out in the end."

The angels were all silent, crying tears of sorrow or maybe fear. Heaven kissed each of them and whispered a secret message to Tetsu. The young beauty cried much harder and Heaven divided her spirit, sending it to the beautiful angels with a smile.
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