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romance short story!
"Danaia!" my farther called and I went down to the throne room of the palace looking at the king of Gardania or my farther and my mom sighed "Danaia you cannot always be battered and bruised from training" "the king of Westover is here to see you" My farther said "I'll talk to him at supper" I said running to my room and washing my face, fixing my hair and pulling on my favourite blue dress that apparently complimaented my grey eyes as Mary, my sister would say before heading to the supper table. It was after supper and the king of Westover looked at me "princess, is it true what I have heard of your healing power?" I had a rare healing power that witgh a touch I could heal someone instantly, the downside was I had to re-live them getting injured, feel everything they felt in order to do so "its true" I ammended "may I see?" he asked I lifted up my hand and felt my palm warm as it started glowing green "I have a great favour to ask of you princess" the king said "you may ask" "My three sons have been kidnapped by Chestwire, the wizard when I fired him when I found plots of treason from him but my sons slipped a message out to have it sent to me, my youngest is terribly ill in there and dying so I beg of you to help me rescue them" "how?" I asked already knowing I would say yes "well my son he could die in a matter of days, so I was thinking of planting a commuicater watch on you and getting you captured so you could heal them and then my army and I would storm the fortrest and get you" "absaloutky not! its too dangerous" my farther said "I understand" the king looked miserable "wait" I said and everyone looked at me "I'll do it" I said and the king perked up "what!?" my farther verbally exploded "farther you always taught me as the princess of Gardania it was my job to help others, this is me helping I cannot just let someone die when I can do something." "listen Danaia, I have allowed your silly fighting obbsession but enough, is enough! This is to dangerous for you, you are only sixteen" I got up heading into my room. I changed into my blue fighting shirt that embroidered with black and gold with black pants slipping on a black cloak that would encase my curls and make me easily mistaken for a boy before waiting for the king to leave. As soon as I heard the good byes I climbed out my window and caught the King "I want to help" I said "but your father said no" "my father is wrong your son is dying and I can change that I'll deal with the consequences of doing this later but I would deal with the consequences of not doing this forever" the king nodded as if he under stood and then we took leave. I was outside where the fortrest was located in the middle of the woods, very secluded, how was I supposed to get captured? I felt hands on my shoulders and I hand went over my mouth "you filthy scum, you're going to the dungeon" someone said well that wasn't hard I twisted to see two men carrying me into a brightly lit room where Chestwire sat "we found him tresspassing" one said ha! they thought I was a guy "throw him in th dungeon" Chestwire barely flicked a glance at me and into the dungeon before throwing me into a cell oh no! where were the three princes? I got up "Shit" I said quitly then looked over to see two men leaned over a guy sprawled on the floor unconcious "Are you the princes of Westwood?" I asked and they spun around I realized I still had my cloak on cover my hair and eyes "who wants to know?" one asked I pulled uip my wrist and pressed a button "Are you in?" came the voice of the king "shh! Yes I've found them" "let me talk to them!" The guys had weird looks on their faces I pulled off my watch and tossed it to them "dad?" "son hows your brother?" I could here it to my horror going staticy losing touch "dad!" the younger looking one said before the watch went black on no oh no oh no! I guess I was officially a one man rescue party, okay think, first heal him then devise a plan, okay got it I started walking towards the guy but the two brothers jumped and stood in my way I sighed idiots "who are you?" "apparently your rescue party now do you want him to die?" I asked crabby that this wasn't going the way I had planned atleast they didn't take my daggers or sword "no" they went pale "I didn't think so, so move" they shuffled out of my way and I pulled my hood down letting my curls bounce loose I heard them gasp "my dad sent a girl to rescue us?" they sounded aghast "no he sent me to heal him. He sent an army to rescue you but if I can't get in touch with them there not much help are they?" I snapped so what if I was a girl? I could do this! I'd prove it to them and my father I looked down at the boy he had a muscled chest and looked very tall, he also had shaggy black hair, I wonder what his eyes looked like I mused mentally preparing myself for what was about to come, I needed to do this now, who knew how long he had? I closed my eyes "bu-" "shh" I cut him off I put my hand feeling my palm grow warm knowing it was glowing I heard them gasp when the flash back hit me. I knew it was coming but it still stung I could see the food and feel the pain as he was poisoined feel the sensation of glass and the poison slid down my throat and the fire in my stomach only a little longer, felt my oxygen come shallow and myself chocking, the sweat on my forehead I pulled back gasping and chocking "it might take a little while for him to wake up" I panted leaning back against the wall "are you okay?" asked one of them "I will be" "what happened?" I just felt everything your brother did when he got poisined its how my healing power works" they didn't ask any more seeing my state I needed to think of a plan hmm... Hadn't Chestwire asked for my hand in marrige a little while ago? I could ploy that I was coming to talk about that and then when the doors open knock the guard out hopefully only one came but I'm sure if both did that the guys could handle the other and then we could run and go straight to Westover where the army was waiting! Perfect! I just needed him to wake up! As if on que the boy sat up and choked and sat up I opened my eyes to see emerald green ones staring at me "how are you feeling?" asked one of his brothers "actually I feel... great" he said cautiously as if by saying it out loud would jynx it I needed to get up I slowly and weakly got up to my feet "what are your names?" I asked pulling out my three of my four daggers "Im the oldest Charleton, this is Mark the second oldest and our youngest brother Jake" he said eyeing the daggers I handed them each one "Your princes so I assume you know how to use those. I'm going to get you out of here I'm hoping only one guard comes but if two do come I'll need one of you to take the second one out at the same time I do, can I count on you to do that?" "wait, wait, wait. Who are you? did you just heal me? whats going on?" "yes I healed you. I'm your rescue party, since I lost touch with the army your dad originally sent" I replied he was fairly cute though to bad he was as pig headed as my farther which completly cancelled the other out "you never answered my other question" he said "I'm the princess of Gardania" he burst out laughing "okay honey you should probably leave the escape plan and fighting to us boys" he gave me a smile that made me feel like he was talking to a child "you dip shit thats not how you talk to a princess" Mark said "don't swear in front of one either" Charelton said "well does she really think she can rescue us?" "okay thats enough don't treat me like a princess and for my ability to rescue you who here has infultrated this fortrest, healed you and already has a plan to get out? Well not you and as happy as I'd be to leave you here I promised your farther I'd help you" his brothers laughed and he glared "now my name is Dania and as I said before I have a plan so just go along with it, if two guards walk up I need one of you to knock one of them out because I'm tired and can't do two at a time, just go along with the plan" I said still feeling the effects of healing "hey!" I yelled but no one came "Hello? I need a guard or something!" I said putting on my best princess whine I saw one gaurd coming down the hallway and made my face aa annoyed as I couled and ready to act lik princess everyone expected me to be "I am the princess of Gardania!" I stamped my foot feeling ridiculous for the cliche "Chestwire asked for my hand in marrige and I came to talk about the betrothal! Though I'm not so sure now that his guards who never bother to ask any questions threw me into this dingy dongeon! Let me out right now!" I commanded "And I might not tell Chestwire about this" I looked at me nails with what I hope was a snooty look on my face as the guard fumbled with the key in the lock it worked! As soon as the door was opened I grabbed one of the many pressure points I knew knocking him uncoisous "hurry" I said looking back at the boys who looked confused we ran down the hallway the opposite way the guard had come and as if my luck could get any better we found the exit! We ran out of the fortrest trying to get as far away as fast as we could, we had made it prety far before we stopped panting out of breath "we have to make it back to Westwood where your farther is waiting with the army, there are a few towns we can take reffuge in on the way and though we can just camp most nights I suggest we stop at the town I saw on my way down here for a good nights rest and food" I looked at them straightening "I have quite a bit of money with me" thank god "and the towns not that far just up this road actually" "thats a good idea" Charelton agreed "I could use a nice bed" Mark sighed as we started walking "and real food" Jake contributed the rest of the walk we were silent. We got one room at the inn trying to save money even though one room only had two beds before heading down to get food. An hour later we were back in the room and I was throwing a pillow and extra blanket on the floor removing my cloak for the first time to show my half sleeved blue shirt withe a black vest that was embroided with gold that laced up in the front Charelton spotted me with a look of horror on his face "princess, your not planning on sleeping on the floor are you? Surley me or my brothers can" I sighed "please call me Danaia as I will call you by your names since people will become suspicious of a princess and three princes traveling through here and yes I am because you three have slept in a cell and need your strength for tomorrows traveling" I said simply though he gave me a dissaproving look I caught Jake looking at me funny though he quickly shook his head as if remembering something we all lay down and the light went out, I know I was supposed to sleep but all I could do was toss and turn I got up not bothering to grab my cloak and slid out heading up to the roof I felt the coldness on my skin and stared up at the sky my farther was going to kill me but I was doing the right thing here, I couldn't just let someone die "can't sleep?" I jumped and whirled around to see Jake "no, you?" I asked "no" he said I just can't stop thinking about my farther and how worried he must be" he shook his head "I'm having the same problem" "well your father must have known this would be dangerous when he agreed to let you do it, right?" "Well.." should I tell him? No. "yeah but he's a parent they always worry" "I know" he gave a small smile maybe he wasn't that bad after all "so what did my farther pay you to do this?" he asked looking at me "what?" I asked completly shocked "come on its not like your risking your life for three strangers for free, so whatever my dad paid you I'll give you double to leave my brothers and I can get home by ourselves I thank you for what you have done so far but thats enough" he waited for my answer I had to fight not to yell "for your information your dad came and asked for my help and is not paying me anything, he was a farther in complete panic of course I was going to help him and for not needing me, you wouldn't be here with out me and I promised your farther I'd help you all the way back" he looked confused but I didn't give him time to ask questions before I whirled on my heel and stomped back to the room. When I awoke veryone was already awake "good mornig Danaia" Mark said I stretched "morning" I picked up my cloak "we should get moving to better avoid Chestwire catching up to us, this is probably the last night we will be able to stay in a inn" I replied "lets grab breakfast first" Jake said and I agreed.Wejust left the inn when a little boy ran up to me "help me, please help me, my farther.." he burst into tears "whats wrong?" I asked feeling concern he grabbed my hand and dragged me along to wear I saw a women crying and a man with a pitchfork through his stomach I gasped and so did the guys he was completly impaled with all four spears sticking in him verticly from chest to stomach I ran up "I can help" I said to the women "hes dying please save him!" she wailed I closed my eyes and felt my palm warm up I gasped seeing the pitchfork in his hand and walking towards his wife and son tripping and feeling the spears rip through my chest and stomach, hearing the screams of his wife and himself and the wails of his son, his wife telling the kid to go get help and screaming so mor feeling the spears slide deeper into me I pulled back gaspig covered in seat with tears in my eyes the man sat up dazed the wife and boy stared at me "thank you" the wife hugged me "thank you so much" she said before tending to her husband Mark knelt next to me "are you okay?" "I just need a minute" I nodded sitting down "thank you" the man looked at me "how much do we owe you?" the wife asked nervously I looked at them they obviously didn't have very much "nothing, nothing at all" the wife teared up "thank you" she said again before wrapping her arms around her husbands neck. We had been walking for a while with no sign of Chestwire though we do have a fairly good head start on him we had been walking all day "do you think we can stop to rest?" "of course" I said sitting down under a tree with them and pulling out some dried meat and passing it around "we can camp in the forest tonight or travel through the night, we arn't that far from Westovers border" I looked over and saw Chestwire with a dozen guards with him guards "shit" I shoved them deeper into the forest "listen to me and listen carefully you run to Westovers boarder and do not stop, you run through the night until you get there I'll distract him so you can make a clear break" "why are you doing this?" Jake asked "well I have a slightly better chance at surving and if he capture you again were back to square one" I shrugged and bolted so I was almost to the other side "keep going!" I yelled getting Chestwires attention "there! Get them!" he yelled and I bolted running as fast as I could something hit me pushing me under a small rock hanging that had bushes in front of the opening so I was well covered and so was Jake! "what are you doing here?" I hissed Jake covered my mouth with his hand and put a finger up to his lips pointing I could ear the footsteps now and stopped breathing "where's they go?" Chestwire yelled "this way" a guard said obviously supervising and they took off in the direction we wanted to go I let out a breath "were going to have to go around" I whispered he nodded and we quietly climbed out before taking off running back through the forest and across the road and deeper in th forest we topped panting falling to our knees "we should head straight up from here" Jake said "I think we should find cover for tonight" Jake nodded and we settled for sleeping in an almost complete circle of trees "thank you" I looked away from Jake grabbing sticks to build a fire "your welcome" I set up the sticks and Jake started building a fire "I'm going to find food" I said remebering I gave the bag of food to Mark and Charelton. I was lucky enough to find a buch of berries to eat that I carried in my cloak I walked back to our circle of trees and saw Jake holding his hand to his chest "what happened?" I ran over setting the berries down beside us "I burnt it" he muttered "here let me help you" I put my hand out and he place his in it "wait" he said and I looked up at him "what happened with that man at the village, why were you so weak after?" he asked "oh its a down side to the healing ability but whenever I heal somebodies wounds I feel exactly what they felt, hear what they hear, see what they see when it happens" he looked sick "so you felt the poisoning?" he asked and I nodded "you mean you felt the pitchfork impale him? Why do you do it then? I mean if it only hurts you?" "yes I felt that. I do it because it won't kill me, I mean why let some one die when you can do something that won't kill you?" he nodded thoughtfuly I closed my eyes and felt a burning sensationin my hand before it stopped and I let go of his hand "thanks, why did it take so long with the man but not this time?" "the smaller the wound the less time" "can you bring back the dead?" "I can't heal death" I explained opening my cloak "this is all I could find" I motioned to the berries "better than nothing" he smiled grabbing some we ate in silence, it was completly dark out when we finished and the fire was pretty low so no one would be able so see it I looked at Jake and he was shaking from cold "here" I said offering him my cloak "n-no you use it" his teeth were chattering "I'm perfectly warm your still weak from poisoning, please take it" I said he nodded reaching out I handed it to him he wrapped it around himself "good night" he said "night". When I woke Jake was still asleep, I gathered barries and when I got back Jake was still sleeping we heard a shot I instinctivly dropped landing ontop of Jake who grabbed me by the hips I stared at him "we should go" he said "now" I added we hopped up and I slipped my cloak on and we started running towards the borders of Westover we heard another shot I grabbed his hand pulling him forward then realized we were being hearded I veered off and ran up a hill between two arches and kept running when we fell down a hole. I coughed looking for Jake finding his hand "Dammit! How do we keep losing them?" Came a voice from above "lets keep going" the tromped off "are you okay?" "yeah" he coughed "we should keep moving" I looked at him then I looked up the hole "I can boost you and then you can pull me up" he nodded stepping on my fingers and pulling himself up before reaching down I jumped but missed he lowered himself a little more when I heard a growl from behind me "Danaia don't turn around, I want you to slowly lift up your hand and grab mine" Jake instructed "jump ,quickly" he said when I couldn't reach him the thing growled again but Jake had hoisted me up and out of that whole so fat and I ended up on top of him again both of us breathing hard I rested my head on his chest for a moment tired "are you okay? did it get you" "no I'm fine thanks to you" Jake wrapped his arms around me "god I really thought that, that thing had you I leaned in to the comfort "we have to keep going" I said remembering where we were Jake let go of me and stood up he grabbed my hand "this way" he pulled me back the way we came I liked the way our hands fit together and the way he glance back at me every once in a while as if to see if I was still there "were about two miles from the border" he looked down at me "the you'll be safe" I said "We'll be safe" he wrapped his arms around me kissing me before abruptly letting me go "if we want to make it before sun down we'd better run" and so we did, until we stopped at a creek for water I saw a hand grab Jake and there stood Chestwire with a knife to Jake's throat and ripped clothes "that best killed all my guards but now I'll kill him" Chestwire was hysterical "then you'll be my bride!" "just calm down" I said carefully "calm down? Calm down!" he started laughing hysterically and to my luck he held Jake off to the side away from him with only one hand Jake broke free and I unsheathed my last dagger throwing it at Chestwire hitting him in the heart his eyes opened wide and his mouth went slack as he dropped to the ground I waited for the guilt to come but it never did he deserved what he got "Danaia" he said softly but snapped himself out of it "lets go" Jake rarely stopped after that and barely talked to me until the border was in sight when we started picking up pace, we could see the army and Charleton, Marcus and the King waiting and uh oh my parents along with two armies crossed the border and Jake ran to his family and my dad had already grabbed me in his arms "I was so worried" "dad I'm sorry I just couldn't let someone die" I looked up at him "I don' care as long as your safe, I realize my decision was wrong I just didn't want you in danger, but you did it, you rescued three princes" he smiled down at me and my mom ran up and threw her arms around us "I missed you" "I missed you too" I hugged them when someone cleared I turned to see the king of Westover and Charleton, Marcus and Jake behind him "you are very brave you rescued my three sons and killed Chestwire to save my sons life I owe you so much if you ever need a favour just ask" he smiled at me I smiled back "we should get going" my farther said "I'm sure Danaia wants a shower" he joked and I half laughed I was looking at Jake "good bye, I hope to see you again" the king said. I woke up in my bed and everything came rushing back "Danaia there's someone here to see you" my mother said I got up and threw on clean pants and a shirt before heading downstairs to find Jake talking with my dad "Danaia, Jake has asked for your hand in marriage when you turn eighteen, what do you say?" my father asked Jake looked at me and I grinned "yes" I nodded my head excitedly and ran to Jake kissing him.
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