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by Jessie
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #1916071
Lilly is wondering who is puting candy in her candy jar at night!

Are you putting candy in my candy jar?

Lilly has a question that no one can answer. Every night when she goes to bed, the candy dish in her room is empty. In the morning when she wakes up, it has two whole candies!

Lilly could not help but wonder who was filling her candy jar. She just had to know. First, Lilly went to her brother.

“Brother, are you putting candies in my candy jar?”

“No. I am not putting candies in your candy jar.”

Lilly was sad. She thought her big brother, was filling her candy jar at night. Second, Lilly went to her daddy.

“Daddy, are you putting candy in my candy jar?”

“Maybe, how many candies do you have in your candy jar.”

“One. Two.” Lilly smiled and held up her two fingers.

“My wonderful counter, I am not putting candy in your candy jar.”

Lilly shrugged. She thought about going to play instead of finding out about her candy dish. Then she remembered she just had to know.

Lilly found her new puppy Buster. Buster crawled in Lilly's lap.

“Buster, are you putting candy in my candy jar?” Lilly asked being silly.

Buster wagged his tail, and licked Lilly's face. Lilly giggled, and she knew there was only one person left who could be putting candies in her candy jar.

“Mommy! I asked brother first. I asked daddy second. I even asked Buster third. No, one will tell me who is putting candy in my candy jar.”

Mommy smiled, and pulled a candy from her pocket, “Since, you can now count to three, I will start putting three candies in your candy jar.”

With a hug, the mystery of the candy jar was solved, and Lilly went to play.
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