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Short skit of a Mother and her Daughters in Crisis, with hope for those afraid to die.
This is SHORT skit. The Form is copied from this reference I received in another contest.



MARTHA:            82 years old.        Dressed in a hospital gown. Kind, Gentle, Religious.

SARAH:              60 years old          Dressed in a knit sweat and slacks. Loving, kind, Daughter of Martha.       

JULIE:                35 years old          Dressed in a silk blouse and skirt. Gentle, strong, Daughter of Sarah.

DEBBIE                12 years old          Dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Impatient, Daughter of Julie.                   

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS                                                                                                                   

DOCTOR:          40 years old            Dressed in white coat.                                                                           

NURSE:              25 years old            Dressed in a nurse's uniform.                                                                       


Brooksville Hospital a large health service facility that consists of an emergency room with rows of comfortable seats, as well as an area for self-service for buying snacks, drinks and restrooms.

[Sarah and her daughters are sitting in the emergency lobby, waiting patiently for news about her mother who's been brought in by an ambulance because she's had a major heart attack. The doctor walks in, announces she's out of surgery and may not last through the night. He shows Sarah and the girls to the I.C.U. room where her mother is.]

[SARAH and girls enter the I.C.U. room and she speaks to her mother]

SARAH: Mother, the girls and I are standing by your bed. Can you hear me?

DEBBIE: Mom, my legs are going to hurt if we have to stand a long time.

JULIE: Shh! I'm trying to talk to Grandma, wait a minute, and I'll get some more chairs.

NURSE: I'll get them, it looks like there are more chairs against the wall. I'll be right back. I'm going to get an orderly to help.

[MARTHA opens her eyes, looks up at SARAH and talks with a weak voice]

MARTHA: Sarah, I'm so glad you're here. Are the girls with you?

SARAH: Yes Mom, Julie and Debbie are right here.

MARTHA: I'm so sorry you have to see me like this. I thought the medicine was helping, but I guess I was wrong. I want you and the girls to know how much I love you. I don't think I have much time left. Sarah, please gather Julie and Debbie around my bed to pray.

[DOCTOR enters the room and approaches the NURSE]

DOCTOR: How are her vitals?

[NURSE shakes her head]

NURSE: It doesn't look good. Her blood pressure is dropping, and I haven't been able to stabilize it. The medicine just isn't working. We've done everything we can. How long do you think she has?

DOCTOR: It's hard to say, it could be an hour or immediately, each case is different, but I would say by her vitals, not much longer. I'll be surprised if she makes it through the night.

NURSE: Are going to tell the family?

DOCTOR: I already told them in the emergency room.

[MARTHA asks the girls to pray]

MARTHA: Sarah do you remember the bible verse Matthew 18:20? For where two or three come together in my name, I will be with them. I want you to put your hand on mine and Julie put hers on yours and Debbie put her hand on Julie's. Then pray that bible verse over me. It will give me great peace in my heart. Will you do it?

SARAH: Do you have to ask? Of course the girls and I will lay hands on you.

[SARAH lays her hand on her mother's and the girls follow, laying their hands on top of each other. Then they all pray, Tears fall down her eyes, because she knows her mother is in the last stage before death]             

SARAH: Let's pray. Father, you said where two or three come together in your name, you will be with them. We ask that you be with my mother and give her peace. Comfort her in her time of need, by your presence.

[MARTHA Pats the girl's hands. Then, takes a deep breath and speaks]

MARTHA: Now, I can let go. I'm ready Lord, take me home.

[MARTHA closes her eyes and passes away]

[DEBBIE cries out]

DEBBIE: She's not opening her eyes! Mom, is she dead?

[SARAH answers DEBBIE with a sigh]


SARAH: No, Debbie, she's walking with Jesus to Heaven.



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