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Another early piece of writing. Should I continue this?
Constance stares down a long narrow hallway. She’s unsure why she’s here. Following the directions she was given, they brought her here.

As she continues down the hall, her golden blonde hair flows gently behind her. She feels a little anxiety. This is the rough part of town. Our own version of the slums, she thinks to herself. Still unsure of why she’s here. This was never in her job description.

Constance works at Edtech. She does occasionally run small errands for her boss, but never anything like this. When he told her where to go, he seemed stressed. She was very aware of the beads of sweat on his forehead. So what is this all about?
Continuing down the hallway, she’s looking for room 304. She arrives at the last door on the right, the only one not numbered. She didn’t pass 304, so maybe this is it. The only room left. She begins to knock. As she does the door cracks open.
This seems a little unusual. “Hello,” she says, “anybody in here? I’m looking for room 304 and I think this-“
Before she can finish her sentence the door swings wide. Inside there are several monitors, but what they display doesn’t make any sense to her. Her curious nature gets the best of her and so she walks through the door. Besides the light from the monitors it’s a dark room. No windows and well nobody inside. On the left wall there is a monitor displaying Constance some sort of scanner moving over her. She sees nothing in the room, not sure what that was on the monitor. She gets a little hesitant and starts to back out of the room.
As she turns around the door behind her closes. To the right a new one opens. You would never have known there was a door there she thinks to herself.

“Hello,” she continues toward the opening. “Anybody in there?” She can’t see nothing inside this door. Its pitch black. No monitors, no sounds.
“What the hell is going on around here? Where am I,” she speaks louder.
Still unsure she continues forward slowly, always aware of her surroundings. Her military background helps her with preparedness. Stay focused stay calm. This has to be where I was sent. It’s like walking into the unknown, and what do we fear the most?
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