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by Varsha
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After an initial discomfort, two old friends begin from where they last left.
They had hardly anything to say to each other. Maybe it was the overwhelming memories or probably the lack of it. A lot changes after 15 years. She was slowly tracing the edge of her coffee mug and he was shaking his leg, looking everywhere else. After an uncomfortable silence of what seemed like the longest minute, Rashi looked up. He had got a receding hair line and wrinkles on his face now, although his dressing sense was still impeccable. “So?” She smiled and he looked at her. “How have you been?”

“Good.” Rajeev said.

“Just Good?” She teased.

“Very Happy!” He said, emphasizing on very.

“You did manage to find a pretty wife for yourself.” She said trying to hide her smile but ended up giggling like she used to, in college, he observed.

“So you really thought no girl would accept my proposal?” He smiled, remembering their little bickering in the corner table of their college canteen.

“Of course! You were so annoying!”

“Excuse me! Girls used to find me charming. Remember Pallavi?”

“Pallavi?” She crinkled her nose, thinking hard.

“The girl in Arts class?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Oh that Bimbette!”She said and laughed, throwing her head back.

He looked at her. Age had taken over her.Yet, she still reminded him of the crazy Rashi he had known fifteen years ago. “Yes. She was a little off!” He said and laughed too.

“And who was that jerk you were crushing on?” Rajeev asked wiping his tears of laughter. “Rahil! Right? He wagged his finger.

“Oh come on! It’s been fifteen years! You cannot tease me with that name anymore!”

“Fifteen years really?" He looked at her as if someone had pushed him out of a trance. "For a minute there, I had
almost forgotten.” He smiled shaking his head.

“So had I.” She smiled back.

“Are you in touch with the gang?”

“No … Everyone got busy.” She said. He could figure the sadness in her voice.

Fifteen years had passed of leaving college, struggling with life, keeping up with deadlines and figuring out life. Marriage, family, kids and their friends were now the center of their lives. Their own lives, friends and memories had taken a back seat. Rashi and Rajeev used to be part of the same friends group, the same class bunking, table banging, fighting yet loving each other to the core group. But promises break. You lose contact and life takes over. But there is a beauty of friendship. Even after fifteen years of no contact, they could pick up from where they last left.
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