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How to draw a conceptual map.
                Ancient materialism tried to explain the movement of
        forces in nature by the atoms inherent in themselves.
        Love and hate were properties particular to external action.
        The resting state was passive. Therefore, men did not choose
        to feel passion, but were moved to do so. The materialist argued
        that these feelings were ordered by nature not by the myths
        of Gods. Nature was, therefore, an intricate construct of balance
        and counter balance.

                Niko Vranka's long body was cloaked in a green robe.
        She liked to ponder the multiple permutations of conceptual ethics.
        As a member of the elite society of Auditors, her name was law.
        Niko had no need for fawning slaves. This was a lie and beneath
        her superior stature. Many of her fellow Auditors enjoyed slaves
        as their rightful tribute. Niko upheld the principle of order through
        the separation of  the simplest living things evolved into
        a greatness of imaginable purpose and usefulness.+
        She had no need for slaves.
              Niko was not naive to the depravity of some freethinkers.
        Her mind was so powerful she could shame them with a single glance.
        Niko was still a woman and hungered for a companion by the natural
        concept of love completely stripped away by any irrelevancy.
        A concept so primal in desire it is essential to every living cell.
        Niko found her mate in Hoenir ..
        He radiated a halo of wisdom and purposefulness that
        she could not resist .
        They joined in their mutual passion in the first rainfall amongst the
        musk of green. Hoenir looked up at Niko and as her mother before her,
        she ate her lover's brains.

            The Auditors were a race of praying mantis.
        Niko gorged herself on his brains and consumed him.
        His essence was carried on within her.
        Is this repugnant? Not to a praying mantis.
        And it has perpetuated their species long before the race of man rose
        from the apes. And so God, the governing power, has revealed to
        us an insects concept of love.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1916578