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by Plato
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The finale to this vorish series...time to halt a prison break!

It was a dark and stormy night.

...except that the sun was in the middle of the sky. And there were birds chirping as it beamed it's warm rays down. AND there were no clouds. So it wasn't really at all related to anything dark and stormy, unless you count OPPOSITES as being related.

Oh wait, there was ONE thing dark and stormy on that middle of the day...a person was having some VERY nasty thoughts about Justice Staccato, a potted plant, his non-existent-because-he-was-a-robot dead grandma and necrophilia.

These group of neer-do-well inmates were trying the unspeakable...busting Vore Clan members out of prison, those who were locked up for attempted rehabilitation. They still hadn't gotten over the idea that you couldn't just eat ANYONE you liked on this planet, which was incredibly annoying to the Justices of the Covenant AND very inconveniencing to the people of Earth. I mean, getting eaten alive will ruin your whole day! And your clothes...and pretty much anything else on you that wouldn't get totally digested...

There were five girls. Blue-eyed and brown haired Harriet had her hair cut short and was wearing a thick jacket that had explosives hidden inside. She motioned toward the wall of the jail, signalling to her friend Melissa, a ditzy brunette, that it was time to get going.

Putting the final touches on a sniper rifle scope, Melissa snuck around Betty, who was pulling her cap down around her almost-totally-shaved head, trying for a "Sinead O'Conner" look that was, quite frankly, failing. But it didn't look half as lame as Diana's attempt at a bun hairdo, which, she had said, "made her look more serious". In reality, it made them think of the song "Hot for Teacher" which prompted the blonde, Haley, a very religous and ponytailed girl to yell "Naughty thoughts" and try to whack the thoughts out of her hair with the side of her fist.

Haley kissed her cross as she put it back into her pocket. She had had grave doubts about this from the beginning, but she'd always followed what her friends did. And they were her friends...right? Diana, who was readying some smoke grenades, frowned. "Would you knuckle up already?" She asked.

Haley sighed, then lifted up her weapon, a bazooka, and primed it. "I'm ready." She mumbled. "Let's go..."

But from up on top of the jail, the Covenant had assembled forces that were lying in wait thanks to a tip-off. A purple-tailed, purple-eyed, white-skinned clone of a psychic cat hovered in the air, turning to the others. "They're making their move." Mewtwo informed them, his humanoid/feline face solemn as his tail swished back and forth.

Ahinahina clasped his clawed hands together and turned to face King. "Alright, here's how it works." He pointed at Tenn. "Tenn, you're with me." He pointed at King. "You go with BlackArachnia...Staccato will team up with Mewtwo..."

The albino named White groaned as he folded his arms across his gold jacket, looking over at a green-haired, sunglasses-wearing young man who had a black jacket on and a sword with gems studded in the blade strapped to his black. "That means I'm with Draco-the-Stiff?! C'MOONNNNN, I wanted to be with the hot spider chick!"

"Which is why we NEVER let you pick the teams." King explained.

"HEY!" White snapped.

"SHH!" Tenn whispered, putting a gloved claw to her lip. "Here they come!"

Harriet pulled a charge of C-4 from one pocket and placed it against the wall. "Alright, you guys provide cover while I set the charges." She insisted. "And keep your eyes peeled!"

"Should we do a battle cry or something?" White asked. "Like "Valim-Valee" or "Tally Ho" or whatnot?"

"How about "Ice Those Bitches"?" BlackArachnia suggested, shrugging.

"Let's just stick with "Try not to die"." Staccato remarked, rolling his eyes before he activated his plasma buster and thrust it down at the ground, unleashing a quick flurry of plasma bullets.

Harriet stepped back just in time and snarled as the Covenant members leapt down to intercept them. "Get them!" She yelled.

"Uh, okay!" Halley said, trying to get a clear shot as Staccato fired off round after round at Harriet while she dodged them and Mewtwo's psychic paralysis blasts.

"Blackarachnia, if you could?..." King calmly requested, transforming into a gigantic anaconda as Blackarachnia snuck up on Betty, managing to paralyze her with a sting of her mechanical spider legs that stuck up from her back in her humanoid form.

Melissa was doing surprisingly well, holding off Draco and Ahinahina by firing off bullet rounds at them from pistols she'd brought, and Tenn had been wounded in the leg, now gripping onto it and groaning in pain.

But Melissa didn't notice White was sneaking up on her...



"WHIIIIITE!!!" Ahinahina snarled as White began to fondle her boobs after freezing the girl in place with his temporal powers. Ahinahina's grey face turned a furious dark shade of red as he snarled and clenched his fist. "You can be a pervert LATER! FOCUS!"

"You guys never let me have any fun!" White said, putting his hands on his hips. "No harm ever came from a little second-basing!"


"...OHMYGOD..." White gasped, holding onto his crown jewels and sinking to his knees. "You...YOU...YOU DON'T HIT PEOPLE IN THE BALLS, YOU....BIIIIITCH!!!"

"Thank you for doing what I've wanted to do for YEARS." Ahinahina laughed...


"AHHH!" Ahinahina grabbed his shoulder, gasping in pain as Melissa held her guns up. "What the HECK!? Why don't you just give up and go quietly back to jail?!"

"I'm NOT going back!!!" Melissa snapped. She then twirled on Draco. "AND I'm wearing steel-proof armor underneath my shirt. Your sword couldn't hurt me."

"You just shot my friend AND kneed my associate. I'm not using the SWORD." Draco said, putting it down on the ground. He then took his sunglasses off and showed off his eyes as they turned WILD...

Right before Melissa's eyes he transformed in a whirl of green, becoming an enormous, emerald dragon with glittering scales. Silver spikes ran down from the top of his head to the tip of his tail and three curled spikes hung out from the top like the three thick locks of hair he normally had. He curled his large silver claws and smirked as he raised his clawed hand up. Melissa put her guns up and aimed...


"Shoulda saved a bullet for YOURSELF." Draco said, grabbing ahold of her and tossing her into his mouth. His tongue explored her body, knocking her up and around before finally he swallowed her and she began sinking down his slimy gullet to his belly below. She landed with a SPLASH in a mixture of digestive fluids and felt her skin begin to slough off as she sank deeper and deeper into his gut.

Satisfied that their opponent now lay in the pit of his belly, Draco turned to the others and nodded. "Let's go see how our friends are doing..."


Betty was being eaten legs first, her arms flailing wildly as King slurped her up into his open mouth, fangs digging slightly in so as to keep her from falling out. She was becoming a large bulge that was sinking down through his neck and into his stomach and soon her head completely vanished, pulled in by his forked tongue. They watched as the bulge that had been Betty slid down his throat to the waiting belly of the gigantic anaconda, where she'd be slowly broken down by his digestive juices. Already they could see her squirming around, the imprints of her hand against his stomach wall as Blackarachnia groaned in pleasure at seeing this, finding it so...sexy...

Speaking of sex, Harriet was pinned to the wall by the smirking Mewtwo, her back to him. They watched as he mentally forced her to the ground, his three-digited paws glowing purple.

"YOU were the ringleader. Therefore I am going to make this EXTRA painful...and your death will be the most degrading..."

He concentrated and his manhood emerged from a space at the front of his tail, directly at his crotch area. Thick and purple, he thrust it deep into her back and moaned in ecstasy as he began to violate her, thrusting in and out and holding onto her breasts with one arm while he held her mouth shut with the other, keeping her from crying out.

At last he reached the pinnacle of his pleasure, and with a roar of animalistic ecstasy he exploded in her, his thick and juicy cum shooting like a cannon through her body. He let go of her mouth and the cum dribbled out, her eyes rolled back into her heads, never to see again. He'd cummed clear through her body, literally fucked her to death. He didn't feel remorse for it though as he stepped back and retracted his cock back into himself. She had deserved it for what she'd planned and had BEEN planning to do in case things had been going badly.

Speaking of which...only Haley was left, and she stood there, quivering and shaking like a leaf as she looked at the Covenant members who walked towards her. She finally tossed the bazook to the side and covered her eyes, sobbing.

"Just kill me! I-I can't go back to jail, I'm too scared..."

"No, we're not going to kill you. Nor send you to jail." Mewtwo said, hovering forward and grasping her cheek. "Look into my eyes..."

With a quick nod and a mental burst, the girl slumped to the ground as Mewtwo turned to face the others. "I've wiped her memory of the other human girls. I'll be returning her home to her family and she'll be cleared of all charges."

"Wait..." White frowned, finally having composed himself from before. "You only do that when..." His eyes went wide. "So she was the fall girl, huh? And didn't even know it?"

"Girls can be cruel...I know firsthand." Tenn admitted. "Er, now, uh...let's get going before Gangrene sets into my leg?"

"Right, right." Staccato said. "The Vore Clan members won't be leaving jail...and the Lazarus Effect will be fully set up tomorrow...we've done it. It's taken a long, LONG year...but we've done it."

For a moment they all just stopped and thought about what this meant. This was a new world they could live on and find peace at. They'd had to suggest a change to this world, and a great one at that...but ultimately the people had accepted them and the change they were working towards. Earth was going to be their home now.


"...Hey...you guys wanna go get a drink with me?"




"Very well."

"Why not?"

"Sure thing!"

"I'm up for it."

The sun was beginning to set. That meant the bars were really getting opened up. But it also meant that a new day was right around the corner.

Who knew where the future would take them all?


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